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UriRoyal for uncomplicated urinary tract infections

A unique combination on the market with D-manose and S.Boulardii that works synergistically on the E.Coli eradication.

Uriroyal is an innovative dietary supplement, a unique and effective composition for uncomplicated urinary tract infections and the prevention of reculent urinary tract infections.

It contains a unique combination of D-mannose (2 g) – which binds tightly to the surface shoots of E. coli and urinates it out of the body and S. boulardii (10 billion) that restores the digestive system to balance by protecting good bacteria and speeding up the recovery of the lining of the digestive tract during and after taking antibiotics.

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Recommended for children from 3 years of age, pregnant women, nursing women and diabetics. The powder dissolves easily in water, the aroma of cranberry. It quickly and easily relieves problems, excellent tolerability, and has no undesirable effects.

  • ADDED VALUE (S.Boulardii) restores the digestive system to balance during and after taking antibiotics
  • QUICKLY AND EASILY relieves problems
  • EXCELLENT TOLERABILITY – no undesirable effects
  • PLEASANT TASTE – cranberry aroma
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION The powder dissolves easily in water.

The recommended daily dose consists of 1 bag of powder for the preparation of a beverage containing:


2 g

•culture of live lyophilized yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae var cerevisiae var bouldarii I-3799, at the time of production

at least 1•1010 cfu*

*cfu = colonial units

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