about us

Pharmacy Barišić is a private health institution for pharmacy activities (OIB 46867406091),registered in the register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under the number MBS 080040993.

The pharmacy was founded in 1992 under the guidance of mag.pharm. Gordana Barisic. The institution is made up of three pharmacy units and employs 23 employees.

Our main activity is the supply of medicines, OTC preparations, imported medicines, medical devices, orthopedic aids, galen and magistral preparations, and homeopathic, dietary and cosmetic preparations.

The expertise of pharmacists in all our pharmacies is at the service of disease prevention, improvement of health and quality of human life.

A real pharmacy, not an "internet pharmacy" from the garage!
A guarantee from our master's degree in pharmacy!
Selected products of high quality!

Pharmacy Barišić owns the internet domain

Our goal is to recognize the needs and wishes of patients, direct activities to proper and timely treatment, and contribute to a better quality of life.

Our pharmacists choose products for you to improve your health, of unquestionable quality, stored in our pharmacies, respecting all the standards required by the storage of pharmacist products.

Professional counseling of our pharmacists and a long tradition in pharmacy business is an advantage for your health.

Do not question your health by shopping at various "internet pharmacies" that sell you pharmacist products from your apartment or garage!