PoxClin cooling foam for chicken pox, 100ml

PoxClin cooling foam is a medical product made from natural ingredients such as Aloe barbedensis and chamomile,and is intended for the care of children with chicken pox. As we know, the most common ailment in chickenpox is scratching, which can cause additional complications or permanent scarring, therefore the treatment is aimed primarily at preventing itching.

PoxClin cooling foam contains natural ingredients such as Aloe Veraextract, chamomile and lavender and is therefore safe for use in children. It also contains chilling ingredients and humidifiers that cool and moisten tender baby skin affected by chicken pox.

We advise applying it at least three times a day or when symptoms need to be alleviated.

PoxClin cooling foam is light and soft, so it can be painlessly applied to larger areas of the skin. Foam is rubbed very gently into the skin and already volatility causes a cooling effect. For an even greater cooling effect, it is recommended to store PoxClin cooling foam in the refrigerator.

The tank contains 100 ml of PoxClin cooling foam.

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PoxClin cooling foam cools and soothes the skin, quickly relieves itching and reduces the possibility of creating permanent scarring!

Reducing itching means less scratching. Less scratching reduces the chance of permanent scarring or secondary infections.

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