PIP Musculpip emulgel 100ml

It relaxes and regenerates. Arnika, gavez and magnesium. It is easy to smear, absorbs quickly and does not grease the skin or clothes.

Musculpip emulgel is suitable for care and massage, it can be applied before and after physical and sports activities, provides a feeling of comfort, relieves tension and muscle spasms.

It is recommended for use in the elderly, athletes, people who are exposed to greater physical exertion due to relaxing and soothing effects on the muscles, due to minor injuries, the appearance of night cramps of sprain and sprain and difficulty moving after sports efforts.

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10,99 €

J.M. 1 l = 109,87 €

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Usage mode: Gently massage the emulgel into a certain place 3-4 times a day until absorbed into the skin.

Packaging: 100 ml.

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