CAPSIN ointment with capsicum extract and propolis

The ointment contains capsicum extract, propolis tincture and camphor embedded in the appropriate greasy base.

KAPSIN ointment with capsicum extract and propolis is recommended for the elimination of joint pain, especially in the area of the knee, elbow and spine; to reduce rheumatic and muscle pain accompanied by injuries without external skin damage; to improve circulation and facilitate the mastery of physical activity; massage after which the pain and fatigue especially in the back and neck part will disappear.

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Capsaicin, a compound isolated from Cayenne peppers, is among the few herbal painkillers, which can be applied by applying to the skin, and its efficacy has long been studied and scientifically confirmed. It acts on nerves in a painful area reducing the sensation of pain. Propolis with its active ingredients further contributes to the effect and slightly soothes the stinging that can occur after application.
Only for external use! 2-3 times a day fat gently massage on painful parts of the body.

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