Perskindol Active Muscle Relaxing Gel, 100ml

Perskindol Active Gel contains menthol and seven specially selected essential oils, of which pine needle, evergreen and rosemary essential oils dominate, and in a lower concentration there are also essential oils of lemon, orange, bergamot and lavender.

Such a specific combination allows you to double the action of Perskindol Active gel, the first cooling for which menthol is responsible, and then there is a pleasant feeling of warmth that with a specific smell acts soothing and relaxing.

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Mode of action: Quickly after the Perskindol Active gel is massaged, a feeling of very pleasant cooling occurs, due to mint penetrating the skin and stimulating the receptors for cold. The combination of carefully selected natural essential oils allows the initial cooling effect to slowly pass into heat.

Due to the unique double effect (cooling and heating), immediately when worn, a pleasant feeling of relaxation and calming is observed. It provides an additional aromatherapeutic effect because it contains essential oils of orange, lemon, lavender and bergamot.

When to use PERSKINDOL Active gel?
Before and after sports or other physical activities. When everyday the need to relax any part of the body.

Before the activity: It provides a pleasant warming sensation and will allow you to better prepare your body for exposure to any activity.

After the activity: Massaging Perskindol gel gives a pleasant feeling of cooling and relaxation, so that the body recovers faster from active movement.

How to use PERSKINDOL Active Gel? Apply the gel as needed, several times a day to the desired area. Massage in circular motions to absorb well. Since it is in the form of a gel and absorbs quickly, it does not grease the skin, clothes or hands. Use only for external application. It can be used continuously, without limitation on the length of application. It is intended for adults and children over 4 years of age.

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