Naphthalan Massage Kremgel 150ml

Naphthalan kremgel is a combination of cream and gel to massage tired parts of the body.

It relaxes and gives a feeling of comfort. It relaxes tired arms, legs, back, neck, and relieves the feeling of tension. It is rich in unique minerals of naphthalene oil.

To ensure a quality product, Naftalan kremgel contains naphthalan oil, glucosamine sulfate, MSM, menthol, mint and rosemary essential oils.

Kremgel is lightweight, suitable for sensitive skin and effective.

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12,00 €

J.M. 1 l = 101,66 €

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Therapeutic effect of naphthalan: anti-inflammatory, vasodilatator, desensitizing, effect on protein and electrolyte metabolism, hypocoagulator action, local action, in vitro action on proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes, action on growth and development of skin cells.

Naphthalan, a natural mineral oil, is classified as a natural healing maker. Natural healing factors have been used since ancient times in preserving health and preventing diseases, and also in the treatment of already occurring diseases and damages. Naphthalan, which we use in our preparations, is obtained by distilling oil oil. It is oil of high specific weight and belongs to the "heavy" oil. It contains few light fractions such as gasoline and kerosene, but contains a high percentage of oil hydrocarbons, of which we highlight sterane, compounds that are similar in structure to steroid hormones, and provitamin D. Steran is attributed to the healing effects of naphthalan. So far, two oil oil deposits have been known worldwide: in Azerbaijan and in Ivanić-Grad.

Warning: Naphthalan kremgel is not used on open wounds.

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