Flobian helps with irritable colon syndrome 10 capsules

Flobian is a dietary supplement that helps with irritable colon syndrome (nervous intestines), completely natural, safe and thoroughly tested.

One capsule of Flobian products contains a minimum of 20 billion live lyophilized cells Lactobacillus plantarum 299v. The ingredient Lp299v in Flobian capsules has been original, patented and studied in detail in a number of clinical studies and clinical practice. Lp299v can only be found in Flobian capsules.

Regular use of flobian preparations helps to alleviate all symptoms of irritable colon (nervous intestines): remove winds, reduce bloating, eliminate abdominal pain and establish neat digestion and stools.


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  • Eliminates gases: Flobian promotes fermentation in the intestines, as well as the production of short chain fatty acids. In this way, it is possible to regenerate the surface layer of the wall of the intestine and regulate the formation of gases that are one of the main causes of the formation of the iritibile column.

  • Reduces abdominal bloating: Painful and unpleasant bloating in the lower abdomen is the most therapeutic problem. Clinical studies have shown that Flobian reduces abdominal bloating over 2.5 times more than placebo, allowing regular bowel movements and reducing painful cramps.

  • Eliminates abdominal pain: In over 90% of cases, Flobian eliminates abdominal pain in patients with nervous abdominal syndrome. Pain stops significantly faster than in people taking placebo and the effect is more lasting.

  • Regulates bowel movements: Flobian is 3 times more effective, compared to placebo, regulating the problem of diarrhea or constipation. Establishes a normal mode of operation and bowel movements.

  • Fixes all gastrointestinal functions: Patients who used Flobian in over 95% of cases reported relief of all gastrointestinal symptoms and a significant improvement in quality of life.

Dosage: Adults and children over three years of age: 1 capsule per day.
Length of use: There's no limit. Completely safe, it can be used by both pregnant and nursing women.
Contents: 10 capsules.

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