Eva/qu adult supposituits to help with frequent constipation

The use of Eva/qu supposites is always indicated for all forms of frequent constipation, both ordinary and chronic.

Due to its efficacy, gentle local physiological action and non-irritating ingredients that are not absorbed by the body, this suppository is specifically recommended during pregnancy and lactation, patients who have to rest or hendikipated people, the elderly and patients with neurological diseases.

Eva/qu suppository is also used for bowel movements before surgery or diagnostic procedures (e.g. gastroenterological and urological; prostate ultrasound and rectoscopy). They are also advised during the journey, when there may be unexpected constipation and the need for rapid and effective discharge.

It is necessary if you want to choose the time and place to perform an emergency, that is, when you want to avoid performing an emergency in the office, restaurant, bar, airport, train, etc.

Suppository ually promotes bowel movements within a few minutes. It is important to let the action end.

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Eva/qu anti-constipation supposituits are a pleasant and effective method for quickly and easily solving all forms of stool discharge. They act exclusively locally and do not contain laxative effect ingredients, therefore they do not cause side effects typical of laxatives (dehydration, electrolyte balance disorder, colitis...). Eva/qu supposituits solve the problem of constipation in a matter of minutes. They can be used in the long term to maintain and restore "lazy" mechanisms of emptying stools, and are suitable for both pregnant and nursing women.

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