Espumisan Easy granules to relieve bloating 28x125mg

Espumisan Easy is a product used to effectively relieve bloating caused by increased accumulation of gases in the digestive system, reduce feelings of fullness and pressure in the abdomen and stomach circumdeating.

Espumisan Easy is in a modern form of granules that can be taken without liquid. Granules have a pleasant lemon flavor and quickly eamp on the tongue. The active substance simethycone quickly enters the digestive system and begins to act.

Espumisan Easy is packed in small, separate bags that you can have with you and use discreetly at any time and place if necessary.

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Quickly, easily and effectively alleviates problems: One bag of Espumisana Easy contains 125 mg of simethicone that effectively dissolves and disperses gases accumulated in the digestive system, thereby reducing the feeling of fullness and pressure in the abdomen.

Good tolerability: Espumisan Easy contains a simethicone that is not absorbed from the digestive system. Since it is excreted in unchanged form, it can be used by pregnant and nursing women. Simethicone works locally rather than systemically and can therefore be taken together with other medicines.

Easy to apply: Espumisan Easy is available in the form of granules in separate bags. Their application is simple, without liquid.

Tasty and discreet: Espumisan Easy bags are small and easy to use at all times, not necessarily at home. Granules have a pleasant lemon flavor.

Espumisan Easy does not contain sugar and can be taken by people with diabetes.

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