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  • 3,90 €

    An ideal and practical gluten-free mixture of flour for all types of bread and lifted dough, as well as sweet or healthy sweets.Make bread, scones, pizzas, seals or sweet pears whenever you want. Thanks to the Bread-Mix properties, your dough will surely succeed and be delicious!IT DOES NOT CONTAIN GLUTEN, WHEAT AND LACTOSE!* Due to the cost of delivery...

    3,90 €

  • 0,24 €

    Sterile surgical wound patches with an absorbent pad, for wounds that bleed a little; after minor injuries or surgeries. Individually packaged, sterilized EO.The basis is 100% viscose, non-woven fiber mesh structure, pleasant and adaptable, well attached. Absorbent pad of 100% viscose, soft and not glued to the wound.The patches are hypoallernic, they...

    0,24 €

  • 21,25 €

    For greater psychophysical strength of the organism.Ingredients in recommended daily amount (1 ampoule 9 ml) = fresh royal jelly 1,000 mg + vitamin D 15 μg.Gelee Royale Super ampoules preserve the complex natural composition of royal jelly and are easy to use. One vial contains 1000 mg of royal jelly, with the addition of vitamin D. Vitamin D...

    21,25 €

  • 0,30 €

    Waterproof and waterproof wound patches. They protect the wound even in water (suitable for swimming, showering). With an absorbent pad, for wounds that bleed a little; after minor injuries or surgeries.Individually packaged, sterilized EO. The basis is polyurethane film (PU), thin, pleasant and extremely adaptable. Absorbent pad of 100% viscose, soft and...

    0,30 €

  • 18,75 €

    Naildoc RAPID gel is a medical product for the treatment of fungal nail infection.This unique formula acts directly, penetrates through the surface of the nail plate and destroys the fungus within 20 seconds. The gel creates an unfavorable environment for the growth of fungi and prevents the spread of infection to other nails and protects against...

    18,75 €

  • 17,94 €

    It contains 250 mg of royal jelly in one vial, natural vitamins C and E and nature beta carotene. Vitamins are carefully selected and adapted to the needs of children. Royal jelly is an extremely strong stimulant that strengthens the immune system, increases psychophysical strength, improves the general state of the organism, speeds up recovery after...

    17,94 €

  • 20,58 €

    Merz Spezial HAIR capsules are recommended for people who want healthy and lush hair to make them beautiful again! Merz Spezial HAIR capsules for strong and shiny full-volume hair.Your hair is constantly growing, but to ensure that it grows thick and strong, it is necessary to supply it with nutrients. Beautiful, shiny hair requires precisely selected...

    20,58 €

  • 29,07 €

    Testomaxx is a dietary supplement for regulating the production of testosterone and steroid hormones and regulating the production and quality of sperm by men of all ages.How to recognize hormonal imbalance? While normal testosterone levels contribute to a man's health and appearance, reduced testosterone levels can manifest itself with a range of...

    29,07 €

  • 17,05 €

    WHY USE VENOVIN? Plant species support the norman function of the circulatory system, stimulate relaxation, help maintain cardio vascular function and blood vessel health and significantly reduce the risk factor in the development of cardiovascular diseases. It contains nettle that supports the health of veins, contributes to venous circulation, can...

    17,05 €

  • 52,40 €

    Professional clogs, for those looking for certified, protective, anatomical, leather, comfortable footwear. Model with adjusted heel height and soft, anatomically shaped and skin-covered tread, which offers excellent depreciation of foot pressure, for use in the house or at work. Non-slip sole allows safe movement on all substrates.Professional Kopitarna...

    52,40 €

  • 32,10 €

    osteo bi-flex is recommended for joint, cartilage and bone health because it contains 5-LOXIN Advanced – a highly potent Indian incense resin extract (Boswellia serrata) that contributes to the maintenance of normal joints, vitamin C that contributes to the normal formation of collagen for normal cartilage and bone function, and manganese that...

    32,10 €

  • 6,25 €

    Lip filler in the form of a cream/gel - a non-invasive method of lip augmentation:shapes and enlarges lips smoothes fine wrinkles around lips after 28 days the lips are bigger and fuller natural lip color is more intenseINSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply on the skin of the lips several times a day. When absorbed you can use your favorite lipstick or...

    6,25 €

  • 20,58 €

    Merz Spezial Dragees are a dietary supplement and are designed to provide you with fresh and healthy skin, lush and shiny hair and beautiful and firm nails. The charms contain a unique combination of vitamins and minerals:supply the body with substances necessary for the growth of healthy skin, hair and nailsprovide the body with a general sense...

    20,58 €

  • 81,56 €

    Pilex is a completely natural preparation of exceptional and clinically proven effectiveness: all hemorrhoidal symptoms in just a few days completely subside in more than 80 percent of users.For this effect, one or two capsules of Pilex per day are sufficient, which are taken orally for 14 days, and the problems do not return for an average of six months....

    81,56 €

Showing 1 - 15 of 2675 items