Vital Plus Active GLY treatment with concentrated drops 15ml

Treatment in concentrated drops based on glycolic acid suitable for problematic skin, mixed skin type or for mature skin (without couperose).

After 30 years of life, the rate of cellular exchange of keratinocytes tends to gradually decrease. The cells of the corneal layer of the epiderm, since they separate more slowly, cause irregular thickening of the surface layer of the skin. GLYCOLIC ACID acts on the cells of the cholenal layer of the epidermis by gently removing the surface layers. In this way, a slight exfoliation is achieved, which allows the surface of the skin to be restored.

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Physiological GLYCOLIC ACID in the dermis causes increased synthesis of collagen and elastin and an increase in the degree of hydration. On oily skin and skin with acne, GLYCOLIC ACID, with its alignment action, improves hygienic conditions that have been changed in places where acne can easily multiply. In this way, the so-called kerathon plug is removed, which obstructs the pores and normalizes the production of sebum.

Vitalplus research laboratories, by analyzing the different properties of GLYCOLIC ACID, made a preparation that is applied in concentrated drops with triple dermo angular function. At the epidermis level, breaking the connection between cells promotes renewal. The result is a thinner corneal surface, with the disappearance of wrinkles. Discarding old aggregates of corneal cells, very dark spots on the surface are also removed, resulting in improved color consistency. By stimulating fibroplasts to produce collagen and elastin, the dermis attracts water by hydrating all skin tissues, which become more compact and tightened.

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