Eucerin DermoCapillaire pH5 shampoo 250ml

Mild shampoo for sensitive scalp.

Designed specifically for people with sensitive scalp skin, this mild shampoo cleanses and softens hair while maintaining the natural defence mechanism of the scalp.

Eucerin DermoCapillaire pH5 shampoo is specially designed to maintain the natural pH value of the skin and effectively cleanse the scalp and hair and prevent dryness and irritation. It removes impurities, pollen and allergens and gives hair a healthy glow and a feeling of softness and suppleness.

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15,10 €

J.M. 1 l = 60,40 €

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Healthy skin has a pH value of 4.5 to 5.5 which makes it slightly acidic. This natural acidity protects the skin from harmful bacteria and other substances, so when this balance is violated - for example due to heat, cold, disease, cosmetics or stress - scalp sensitivity may occur.

  • Massage the shampoo into damp hair. Allow to soak in before rinsing thoroughly. Suitable for everyday use.

For an optimal result, use in combination with Eucerin DermoCapillaire dandrical shampoo.

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