Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR Golden dry oil 100ml

Miraculous dry oil for multifunctional use. For body, face and hair!

Dry oil with gold particles is intended for all skin types of the body, for the radiant appearance of the skin of the face and for emphasizing the shine of the hair.

Laboratory NUXE has added golden light leaves to the cocktail of pure nature – Huile Prodigieuse OR Amazing dry oil with golden shine is the golden star of summer multifunctional care.

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The irresistible combination of pure nature and golden luxury is certainly the most glamorous product from nature. With its golden particles, this glamorous version of dry oil gives the skin a darker color and beautifully emphasizes the tan, while on the legs it achieves the effect of "silk stockings".

Is there a more perfect product to deeply nourish and restore your skin after enjoying the sun's rays during the day, while also emphasizing your tanned color and achieving a shimmering effect before an evening out?

Nuxe golden oil will provide you with all this, with enchanting scented notes that no one will be able to resist...

For the body:
Ideal care after sunbathing! Apply it to the skin to restore its lost moisture, soothe it and restore it. Use it independently or mix it with your usual body cream. It also has a proven effect against the formation of stretch marks. Use it before or after waxing, to soothe and soften the skin. For soft and silky skin and a feeling of relaxation, pour a few drops into your bath.

For the face: For extra dry skin care, apply a few drops of this magic oil on your face instead of cream and your face will shine! To make the facial skin irresistibly tender and silky, add a drop of Huila Prodigieuse® dry oil to your liquid powder and apply on your face.

For hair: Apply the oil on the tips of the hair to smooth and feed them. For intensive treatment, massage the oil into the hair, from the scalp to the tips. Wrap it in a dry towel and leave for 15-20 minutes to soak in, then rinse with shampoo. The hair will become shinier and incredibly soft!

Use it also on the beach to protect your hair from sea salt and make it tender and silky.

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