Silverex Exclusive Face Cream 50ml

Silverex exclusive cream is suitable for problematic facial skin with irregularities such as acne, redness, dandruff, irritation and the like.

With regular use of Silverex exclusive cream, the skin is healthier and the complexion is uniform and visibly refreshed. The unique complex of silver and ursolic acid acts regenerating, reduces irritation, dandruff and redness, prevents the emergence of new irregularities.

Silverex exclusive cream makes more than 98% of natural ingredients of extremely high quality that do not irritate the skin.

SILVER: Hidden causes of facial skin irregularities are often pathogenic organisms that can cause acne, flapping of the skin, redness and a feeling of discomfort. The role of silver is antibacterial - the fight against pathogenic organisms.

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Silver from the cream does not penetrate the skin, but lingers on the surface - in this way it cleanses it, instantly soothes it, reduces allergic reactions and protects the skin from negative external influences.

Effective anti-inflammatory action significantly calms areas affected by inflammation, irritation or damage. Thanks to its antioxidant action, the skin becomes smooth, clean and healthy. Stabilizes and restores the skin membrane. It works effectively against microbes. Derived from the Duboisia Hybrids plant, native to Australia.

OLIVE OIL: Olive oil has been known since ancient times for its beneficial effect on the skin. It is rich in vitamin A and E, which has an antioxidant influence. Extremely suitable for dehydrated, sensitive and inflamed skin, while reducing itching and rashes. Olive oil makes the skin elastic, smooth and tender and prevents the first signs of skin aging.

SUNFLOWER OIL: Sunflower oil is obtained through the cold pressing process of the highest quality sunflower seeds. This procedure preserves high-value natural ingredients such as vitamins A, E, D , proteins, essential linoleic fatty acids and the like.

It heals damage to the skin, hydrates, regenerates and nourishes it. Due to the rapid absorption properties, it facilitates the transfer of molecules to the skin. It is also known for its astringent action or narrowing of pores and regulation of fat. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, it is also used in eczema and diaper rash. Softens and moisturizes the skin. Sunflower oil is known for its rapid absorbent in the skin.

SHEA BUTTER: creates a film on the skin that prevents moisture loss. Even the very sensitive skin of an atopic man never reacts badly to it. It easily penetrates the skin, does not clog pores, as a result of which the skin can breathe. It restores skin cells and thus makes it healthy, acts anti-inflammatory and helps with various skin diseases such as seborrhea, psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis and acne. Due to its soothing nature, shea butter is great for any forms of irritation. It contains vitamins A, C, D, E and F, and a high protein and mineral content.

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