Skeyndor anti-zero drainage gel, 200ml

It works against water retention. Reduces the volume and feeling of swollenness. For a slender figure. The new formula, decaffeinated, is therefore also recommended for pregnant women, nursing women and people who are allergic to caffeine.

It is recommended for cellulite caused by water retention. Apply the product in the morning and evening, in circular strokes, until the product is fully absorbed.

Today's accelerated pace of living, stress, smoking, unbalanced diet and too little exercise inevitably lead to drastic changes at the level of our fat cells. The body intensified produces and stores fats that cause fat cells to overgrow and merge them into cellulite nodes. The skin takes on the appearance of "orange peel".

39,82 €

J.M. 1 l = 199,10 €

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