Naphthalan oil 200ml

Naphthalan oil is a unique preparation in Europe. Unique oil rich in oils of naphthalene oil soothes irritated skin and scalp.

It stimulates skin regeneration, repairs its structure and relieves and prevents skin problems. It preserves the defense mechanism of the skin, and therefore its functions. Softens and makes smoother dry rough skin and supports its ability to restore. The oil is especially suitable for sensitive and red skin.

The preparation is prepared from naphthalene oil and calendula flower oil. We definitely recommend you try Naphthalan cream!

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Naphthalan oil can be used throughout the body, but due to its liquid condition it is especially suitable for use on the scalp. Naphthalan oil is used once to twice a day in such a way that a small amount of Naphthalan oil is massaged into the desired place.

Occlusions with Naphthalan oil are recommended: the desired place is smeared with oil, which is massaged into the skin as much as possible; then the treated part is wrapped in a transparent kitchen foil (or nylon shower cap if it is a scalp, or nylon gloves if it is the hands); in this way, a dual effect is achieved:

  • Excess oil does not drizzle or drizzle

  • In wrapped places, the so-called sauna effect occurs – the body temperature is raised, the pores on the skin expand and allow for easier and deeper penetration of Naphthalan oil into the skin, which can improve the effects of naphthalan.

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