Eucerin AtopiControl itch stimulus spray 50ml

Reduces itching within 60 seconds and up to 6 hours. Currently and prolonged relieves itching.

Atopic skin is dry, prone to itching and irritation. Itching provokes scratches that interfere with sleep and negatively affect the quality of life. Eucerin AtopiControl itch stimulus spray is specially formulated for immediate and prolonged itching relief.

It has been clinically proven to reduce itching symptoms within 60 seconds, up to 6 hours.

It is suitable for adults, children 3 years and older, and is also effective on itch-prone skin caused by xerosis, psoriasis and diabetes.

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21,75 €

J.M. 1 l = 290,00 €

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Eucerin AtopiControl itch stimulus spray contains a unique complex of ingredients that combat the feeling of itching on all layers of the skin, from the outer layers to the nerve endings, so that the skin prone to irritation instantly cools and calms down:
  • Mentoxipropandiol cools the skin and acts at a noticeable level to reduce the feeling of itching
  • SymSitive* soothes skin & redness & stops burning sensation
  • Polydocanol soothes skin by reducing itching at cellular level
It does not contain odors, absorbs quickly, is not sticky and leaves no greasy traces.

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