Medobalm Eye SkinCare Cream, 15ml

Tighter skin around the eyes - MEDOBALM cream flattes the skin around the eyes and provides intense and long-lasting moisture.

cream contains two active effective complexes:
  • Herbal extracts of horsetlings and birch leaves for better tension of sensitive skin around the eyes. These plants support the elasticity and firmness of the skin and have the ability to tension and calm it.
  • Aloe vera gel that preserves moisture and oil from macadamia fruits that regulates moisture and lipid content have a positive effect on skin smoothness. Aloe Vera gel immediately after application cools the skin and preserves moisture. The oil from macadamia fruits is rich in essential fatty acids, very similar to those present in the skin and precious for the care of dry skin.

Decrease in wrinkles: due to the increase in humidity, wrinkles around the eyes are reduced, and regular use prevents the emergence of new ones.
Reducing swelling: intensive care with MEDOBALM cream reduces dark circles and swelling in the eye area.

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MODE OF USE: Squeeze 1-2 drops of cream on the tip of the finger and carefully distribute to the eye areas (note: caution with sharp tips of the nails). The cream must not come into contact with the eyes. The tuba must be closed well after use.

Scientific results - Already after 2 weeks of application, the depth of wrinkles decreases by 30%, while humidity increases on average by 75%.

75% of users confirmed the positive effect of MEDOBALM cream in case of swollen eyeds and dark circles.

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