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    With redness and irritated skin of the baby's buttocks. In the care of breastfeeding breast warts. The skin of a newborn baby is very sensitive, so it needs special care. Diapers irritate the skin that turns red and irritated, which creates discomfort for the baby. Mothers who are breast-feeding, on the nipples of the breasts often open sores that sting...

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    Inspired by babies. Effective for moms. Enter a new era of betrayal with perfectly balanced intake control and nipple stimulation, all inspired by the natural way babies suck. Philips Avent electric feeder maintains an optimal milk flow and gently adapts to the size and shape of the nipples. 16 issue settings8 stimulation settingsEasy cleaning and...

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    The hand-made feeder is simple and easy to use. It is intended for mothers who occasionally betray and is practical for travel. Vial with anti-colic system to reduce colic and discomfort in infants.Pleasant and gentle to use. Compact design for easy use. Vacuum technology The package includes: bottle, pump for issue with manual adjustment, bottle cap,...

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    The electric pump simulates the baby's natural cutting and is therefore comfortable to use. Vial with anti-colic system to reduce colic and discomfort in infants. It has a memory function for optimally customized mode.Vacuum technology. 10 speeds of sipping simulation and 10 levels of treason. Illuminated screen. Easy assembly of parts before use. Display...

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    The unique modular design of sterilizers allows you to insert bottles and accessories as needed and organize them easily. This makes insertion and extraction very practical. In addition, it occupies minimal space in the kitchen. The steriliser uses natural steam to sterilise baby bottles and other products, killing 99.9% of harmful throws without the use...

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    Bags for storing breast milk with a capacity of 180 ml, pre-sterilized, 25 bags.Safe and resistant to leakage with a double cap – safe storage of breast milk is guaranteed. The sealed opening indicates that the previously sterilized bag has not been used and is used to ensure complete hygiene.The bags lie laid for easy saving in the freezer or...

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    Breast care, for the protection of sensitive nipples. Easy to get for the baby The baby can easily grasp through protection and make a vacuum. Made of exceptionally fine, odorless silicone and flavor, the Philips Avent nipple protectors are made of extremely fine, odorless and tasteless silicone. The shape of the baby allows...

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    Babymil 1 is the initial dairy formula for infants, which completely replaces breast milk if the mother is unable to breastfeed. It contains all the most important ingredients necessary for the child's development.Every parent's wish is for his baby to be healthy, to progress nicely, grow and develop into a happy and healthy child.Babymil 1 is enriched...

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    Innovative design with a double valve reduces the appearance of colic and discomfort by leaking air into the bottle, not the baby's belly.The wide breast-shaped duda promotes natural affection such as breast augmentation and makes it easier to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding.The smaller opening provides a better controlled flow rate for babies...

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    Our new bottle allows you to bottle-feed that will be more natural for both your baby and you. Duda has an innovative design of petals for naturally affecting the breast, which makes it easier for your baby to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding.The wide breast-shaped duda promotes natural affection such as breast augmentation and makes it easier to...

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    Lansinoh manual breast pump is a portable and convenient pump for occasional use at home or on the road.The pump has a special ComfortSeal pad that perfectly adheres to the breast and allows for comfortable and effective breast betrayal. The ergonomically shaped handle does not burden the wrist of the hand at all, allowing efficient pumping with one hand...

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    You can squeeze your milk directly into the storage bottle, which you can also use with a sisser for feeding. Contains: • ISIS milk feeder with funnel protective lid, bottle rack • 2 bottles for storing breast milk (125 ml) • 2 babysickles • bell-ringing closed lid for storing sterile sissy • 2 flaps (with which the vial becomes a container for...

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    Disposable lansinoh pads are extremely thin and super-absorbent. They're inconspicuous under their clothes. In the soft interior is a special polymer that absorbs milk and prevents its leakage. Two adhesive tapes ensure that the pad remains in place, and is the only pad with a polymer that retains its shape even when it is moist. The pads are in a...

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