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    Complete adaptability when tracking your baby or when it comes to surveillance in the room - the baby monitor has a parent unit, and can also be used remotely via smartphone, tablet or computer. This allows you to use it flexibly and gives you complete security.2.4" colour LCD display (parent unit)Intercom functionSound, movement and...

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    Inspired by babies. Effective for moms. Enter a new era of betrayal with perfectly balanced intake control and nipple stimulation, all inspired by the natural way babies suck. Philips Avent electric feeder maintains an optimal milk flow and gently adapts to the size and shape of the nipples. 16 issue settings8 stimulation settingsEasy cleaning and...

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    The Omron design of the Nami Cat compressor inhaler is child-friendly and helps the parent to get the child more easily used to their inhaler and its application. Its powerful Omron compressor provides the effective treatment they need. Specially designed to make it easier for a child to apply an inhaler.Specifications:Inhalation rate: Approximately 0.35...

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    Transitional infant formulae intended for children over six months of age who have functional digestive problems in the form of cramps or constipation.Infants older than six months have a still sensitive digestive system whose functionality is not fully developed. As a result, symptoms such as cramps, inausolable crying, bloating, constipation or various...

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    Uriage my first bag contains:First crème lavante - sparkling emulsion for washing 200 ml First Face Care Cream 40 ml First milk for skin care 500 ml First diaper cream 100 ml First baby wipes 70 pcsFor the face, body and diaper area. Close the package after use! Do not leave near the heat source.FREE: bag, stuffed toy

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    The hand-made feeder is simple and easy to use. It is intended for mothers who occasionally betray and is practical for travel. Vial with anti-colic system to reduce colic and discomfort in infants.Pleasant and gentle to use. Compact design for easy use.Vacuum technology The package includes: bottle, pump for issue with manual adjustment, bottle cap,...

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    The electric pump simulates the baby's natural cutting and is therefore comfortable to use. Vial with anti-colic system to reduce colic and discomfort in infants. It has a memory function for optimally customized mode.Vacuum technology. 10 speeds of sipping simulation and 10 levels of treason. Illuminated screen. Easy assembly of parts before use. Display...

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    The analogue baby monitor shows you what your little guy is doing on the screen using a display of children's emotions that shows on the screen whether your child is asleep, awake or crying. The device is suitable for any household thanks to its extremely high range of transmission up to 800 m.Blue illuminated display for visual monitoring of noise...

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    Optimal weight control of your baby using beurer BY 90 baby balance, and using the mobile application "Beurer BabyCare" you have all the measurement data in a preview form. Transfer data between your smartphone and the balance via Bluetooth. HOLD function ensures the weight measurement of restless babies.Large LCD display (size of digits 23 mm). Curved...

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    Electric nasal cleaning device with hygienic disposable crucibles.Babies up to one year of age can breathe only on the nose, so it is necessary to regularly maintain nasal hygiene and clean the nasal secretions and mucus in case of illness. Aspirator Nano Aspiro quickly and gently removes excess mucus from the nasal cavity and relieves symptoms of upper...

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    The Beurer HT 15 electric comb effectively removes lice and nits from the scalp without the use of chemicals.Easy to use Quickly and effectively remove lice and nits from hair Changes the beep when it comes into contact with hairs with lice or nits Includes cleaning brush and protective cap It can also be applied for dogs and cats.Packaging...

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    The child's health package contains everything you need to help with respiratory problems and fever. Medikorino gift package contains:OMRON compressor inhaler Thermometer digital Frescopad Cold Gel Coating Mechanical aspirator NosefridaMedikora's child package is available in blue for boys and pink for girls.

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    Aptamil Comfort 1 with prebiotics and LCP is a highly adapted hypoallergenic dairy food intended for infants with indigestion (cramps, bloating, constipation) within the first 6 months. Ensures the complete nutritional needs of the child. The main carbohydrate is lactose (100% whey hydrolysate), containing starch. Infants, especially in the first months...

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    Nosko is a medical product for gently cleaning discharge from children's wearers with a soft head - best suited to children. The shape of the attachment is soft, flexible and ideal for newborns and young children.One soft-tipped head for newborns and toddlers. Nosy is based on the most effective vacuum technology possible - through your home vacuum...

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