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    The Contactless Infrared Thermometer Nano JXB-311 was developed using the latest infrared technology. Provides precise, safe and instant measurement.With a unique DISTANCE DETECTION SENSOR - if the thermometer distance from the forehead is greater than 3 cm the body of the device will not reelerate, the device screen will flash, and after 5 seconds it...

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    For quick and easy contactless measurement of body temperature in the ear and forehead.The Wellion infrared thermometer displays a measured temperature reading on the color screen, as a reference to whether the measured temperature is in normal range or increased.Contactless measurementMeasuring the temperature of an objectMeasurement in 1 second9 results...

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  • 459.00 kn

    Berrcom contactless infrared thermometer is specially designed to measure the temperature of the human body from a distance of 3–5 cm from the forehead.Reliable and stable measurements thanks to the benefits of infrared detection system.Beep if the temperature is above 38 °C (100.4 °F)Precise measurement in 1 secondRemembers the last 32 temperature...

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    The child's health package contains everything you need to help with respiratory problems and fever. Medikorino gift package contains:OMRON compressor inhaler Thermometer digital Frescopad Cold Gel Coating Mechanical aspirator NosefridaMedikora's child package is available in blue for boys and pink for girls.

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    Digital thermometer for fast body temperature measurement with flexible tip. It enables oral, axillary and rectal applications. It's extremely easy to use.Functions: Digital thermometer for oral, axillary or rectal useAllows you to quickly measure body temperatureEasy to useIt has a flexible tip which makes it easy to measure temperature in a childLast...

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