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Chicken pox
Chicken pox or varicose are highly contagious, usually mild rash childhood disease caused by the varicele-zoster virus. The same virus causes shingles (a disease characterized by a limited rash of a certain part of the body /so-called dermatoma/ accompanied by pain or burning sensation in the affected area).

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    DotSpot chickenpox foam is a carefully designed combination of active care ingredientsskin in chickenpox, creates a physical protective layer that reduces irritation of the bubbles, prevents scratching and prevents bacteria from contact with the bubble.DotSpot foam serves to care for children with chicken pox: it cools and soothes the skin, quickly...

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    Spray: It has a mildly antiseptic and soothing effect on damaged skin. For skin care when the appearance of chicken pox, burns, insect bites, superficial wounds. Supplementary care for atopic dermatitis, neurodermatismitis and psoriasis.Cream: Relieves itching and helps to heal damaged skin faster. For skin care when the appearance of chicken pox, burns,...

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    PoxClin cooling foam is a medical product made from natural ingredients such as Aloe barbedensis and chamomile,and is intended for the care of children with chicken pox. As we know, the most common ailment in chickenpox is scratching, which can cause additional complications or permanent scarring, therefore the treatment is aimed primarily at preventing...

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    A solution of white color that dries, soothes and protects wet irritations on the skin, and irritation in wet areas of the skin. It is used for wet diaper rash, wet eczema, chickenpox, impetigo, maceration in skin folds and umbilical sores in newborns.It does not color the skin and does not interfere with wound healing. It can be combined with therapy....

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    Cleanses, soothes and cleanses the irritated skin of the whole family (infants, children and adults).To wash the face, body, external mucous membranes and fragile skin of the hands. High dermatological, paediatric and gynecological tolerability.Apply once or twice a day on damp skin. Rinse thoroughly.It doesn't sting for the eyes. Physiological pH. No...

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    Uriage Pruriced - a soothing gel against itchy skin.Itchy skin in chicken pox, insect bites, sunburn. For hairy areas, skin folds, itchy anogenital areas, etc. It can be used by both children and adults. Very pleasant non-axle texture, suitable for applying to larger areas of the body. MAIN INGREDIENTS:Uriage thermal water, itchy-detracting calamine,...

    159,40 kn
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