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    Dr. Theiss HerbalSept Sage lozengies contribute to relief in irritation of the throat and vocal cords. Chamomile contributes to the reduction of irritation of the upper respiratory tract.Vitamin C content in 1 lozenge is 20 mg (25% NRV) Method of application: Adults and children over 6 years of age dissolve one lozenge in the mouth every 2-3 hours....

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    Apipol inhalation container with Apipol propolis drops with essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint serves to help with colds and airway obstruction. Wet inhalation is one of the oldest ways to trigger secretions accumulated by inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Excretion of secretions contributes to better airway patency and thus easier...

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    Liquid dietary supplement with honey, propolis, plant extracts and vitamin C is a natural combination of bee products and medicinal herbs. Facilitates coughing and contributes to the health of the respiratory system. Contains marshmallow root extract, star anise, thyme and peppermint. This combination of plants allows natural coughing by enhancing the...

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    Liquid dietary supplement with honey, propolis, plant extracts and strawberry C vitamin C flavor for the youngest. Bronhimel Junior is a natural combination of bee products and herbs that facilitates expectoucation and contributes to respiratory health in children. It contains marshmallow root extract, star anise and thyme that in combination allow...

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    Apimel Propolis lozens are pocket lifelines for the throat.With as much as 66 mg of high-quality propolis per lozendum containing 3.3% galangin-rated flavonoids, propolis lozenge effectively soothe the throat and relieve pain sensation.Packaging: 10 pastils - 22g.

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    Support to the immune system.Elderberry is useful for purifying the respiratory tract because it is mucolytic Zinc is an essential trace element in the body that strengthens immunity and increases the number of T lymphocytes Sage has antiseptic, astringent and calming properties, making it a natural remedy to relieve sore throat

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    Naturavita marshmallow tea is packed in handy filter bags in aroma wrappers to help you as easy as possible and contribute strongly to respiratory health.As a medicinal drink known since ancient times, it especially successfully soothes dry cough and facilitates breathing and soothes most symptoms of respiratory infections.

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    Physiodose saline is a sterile non-active saline without preservatives. It's packed in monodoses. Physiodose saline is safe, hygienic and easy to use.Physiodose saline is recommended in babies, children and adults:For nasal hygiene: to rinse or clean a dry or stuffy noseFor eye hygiene: for rinsing, cleaning or washing eyesFor ear hygieneFor wound...

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    For daily hygiene of the nasal cavity and maintaining the natural moisture of the nasal cavity.For children from the age of 1 and adults. No alcohol, no preservatives.Usage mode: Children from the age of 1 and adults repeatedly daily spray one to two jets in both nostrils. Wait a little, then blow your nose.Ingredients: (INCI) Aqua, Glycerin, Propolis...

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    Myosan is intended for aromatherapy and as an additional means of massage.Myosan is a mixture of Japanese mint and juniper essential oils obtained by distilling the entire aboveground part of the Japanese mint plant, and sprigs and fruits of juniper with water vapor. Instructions for use: Pour 5 drops into 10-15 ml of base oil (e.g. almond).

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    Sinus essential oil is intended for aromatherapy. Essential oil obtained by distillation of the entire aboveground part of the Japanese mint plant, Mentha arvensis, by water vapor. Chemotype: L-menthol ≥25%, mint ≥25%.Instructions for use: Limp 3-4 drops.

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    Sinusan tablets are intended for people who want to maintain the function of the immune system.Recommended code:In rhinosinusitis (acute and chronic)Makes breathing easierReduces mucus density (mucolytic)Reduces mucosal edemaFor immunityDietary supplement with bromelain from pineapple, Malabar walnut extract Adhatoda VS07D, zinc and vitamin D. Zinc and...

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    Throughout the year, we often encounter various forms of viral and bacterial infections, and lately allergic diseases that are no longer closely related to a particular season or area have been classified in this group. The cause of everything is often a reduced immune response, which should definitely be taken into account.m.e.v. Feller® Beta CD glucan...

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