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    For healthy and solid bones!Calcium is needed to maintain normal bones. Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and the normal absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus.

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    Royal jelly is the secretion of special glands (hypopharyngeal and mandibular) bees. It is produced by young worker bees and is fed and raised by new queens in the hive. Royal jelly is collected during the May and June months. Royal jelly is recommended for allergies of all types of causative agents, thyroid disorders and general hormonal imbalance,...

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    Magnesium is a mineral necessary for the functioning of the whole organism. Magnesium contributes to reducing fatigue and exhaustion, normal energy generation metabolism and electrolyte balance. Of the many roles, its importance in bone formation stands out. It also contributes to the normal function of the muscles and the normal functioning of the...

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    Why SiderAL Folic? Sucrasomal iron that dissolves in the mouth provides good gastrointestinal tolerability. It contains folic acid and vitamins important for a woman's health: vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin B6.Easy use without water. Gluten-free.When to use SiderAL Folic?during pregnancy and breastfeeding in the period of pregnancy...

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    New magnesium high bioavaility with 3 forms of magnesium - citrate, bisglicinat and oxide - in 375 mg!Magnesium contributes to electrolyte balance, normal muscle function, normal functioning of the nervous system and normal psychological function. Mmagnesium contributes to reducing fatigue and exhaustion and normal metabolism of energy...

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    Shake the contents of the bag directly on the tongue, a pleasant taste of apple. The product contains three ingredients that have the most research to defend our immune system - vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc.Contents: 30 bags.

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    Especially during physical and mental exertion, the body needs a sufficient amount of nutrients to maintain its capacity. Magnesium and calcium are minerals that contribute to maintaining healthy bones and muscle function. Vitamin D contributes to the normal absorption of calcium, maintaining healthy bones and muscle function.

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    Zinc is also called supermineral, because it is extremely important for our health. Among other things, it contributes to the smooth functioning of cognitive functions and helps strengthen your immune system. Zinc plays a role in:functioning of the immune system maintaining vision cognitive function acid metabolism carbohydrates and fatty acids...

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    Unique and complete multivitamin mineral formula with 18 vitamins and 13 minerals and enzymes. Vitamins with gradual release are compressed into one layer, while all minerals are mapped and compressed into another layer. The formula also contains a plant base with acerole and pomegranate extracts, citrus bioflavonoids and kelp algae as a natural source of...

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    Dietary supplement with 375 mg of magnesium from magnesium citrate, which is 100% of the recommended magnesium intake.Magnesium Citrate 375 effervescent tablets are intended for people who feel tired and exhausted, lack of energy, physically active individuals, individuals for muscle and nervous system health.Effervescent tablets contain magnesium in the...

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