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    The Contactless Infrared Thermometer Nano JXB-311 was developed using the latest infrared technology. Provides precise, safe and instant measurement.With a unique DISTANCE DETECTION SENSOR - if the thermometer distance from the forehead is greater than 3 cm the body of the device will not reelerate, the device screen will flash, and after 5 seconds it...

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    For quick and easy contactless measurement of body temperature in the ear and forehead.The Wellion infrared thermometer displays a measured temperature reading on the color screen, as a reference to whether the measured temperature is in normal range or increased.Contactless measurementMeasuring the temperature of an objectMeasurement in 1 second9 results...

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  • 63.70 kn

    VedoEcoplus mercury-free thermometer is constructed by Geratherm Medical Ag and contains patented liquid alloy consisting of gauls, indians and lead, known as Galistan.Galistan is completely free of toxins and not harmful to the environment. Product specifications:Minimum circumference: 35.5 - 42 degrees.Decomposition: 0.1 degrees.

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  • 459.00 kn

    Berrcom contactless infrared thermometer is specially designed to measure the temperature of the human body from a distance of 3–5 cm from the forehead.Reliable and stable measurements thanks to the benefits of infrared detection system.Beep if the temperature is above 38 °C (100.4 °F)Precise measurement in 1 secondRemembers the last 32 temperature...

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    Thermoval Standard thermometer has a good price-to-technical ratio with accurate and reliable measurements.It has a beep indicating the end of the measurement. Automatic shutdown. Waterproof, it can be disinfected. Batteries can be changed.

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    The NANO Thermo Health T2 (JXB-311) contactless infrared thermometer was developed using the latest infrared technology. Provides precise, safe and instant measurement.Special design for measuring human body temperature from a distance of 0 to 3 cm (0 to 1.2 in) from the forehead. Vibration alarm if the temperature is above 38°C (100.4°F)....

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    Digital thermometer for fast body temperature measurement with flexible tip. It enables oral, axillary and rectal applications. It's extremely easy to use.Functions: Digital thermometer for oral, axillary or rectal useAllows you to quickly measure body temperatureEasy to useIt has a flexible tip which makes it easy to measure temperature in a childLast...

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