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  • 69.90 kn

    Effectively protects the skin from ticks, providing up to 6 hours of protection.It contains 20% of the active ingredient from lemon eucalyptus leaves, with a proven effect to protect against ticks.The spray is intended for children older than 6 months and adults. It is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin. It is...

    69.90 kn
  • 207.90 kn

    Bite away is a patented medical product for symptomatic treatment of itching, pain and swelling caused by insect bites and bites such as mosquitoes, wasp, bees, hornets or both.Its action is based on the short-term, concentrated action of heat on a narrowly limited area of the skin. The ceramic contact surface of the bite away device is placed at the...

    207.90 kn
  • 59.80 kn

    Pikosan Natural Protect spray is a product that contains a natural patented FLY BLOCK formula in combination with essential oils of lavender, mint and citronella that protect the skin from mosquitoes and other insects. When applying the spray, it further nourishes the skin, absorbs quickly, does not grease the skin and has a pleasant smell. Instructions...

    59.80 kn
  • 55.40 kn

    Pikosan Natural Kids Protect spray is a product that contains a natural patented FLY BLOCK formula in combination with essential oils of lavender and mint that protect children's skin from mosquitoes and other insects. When applying the spray, it further nourishes the skin, absorbs quickly, does not grease the skin and has a pleasant smell. It is suitable...

    55.40 kn
  • 48.40 kn

    Pikosan fat moisturizes and soothes irritated and dehydrated skin. The creation of a protective film promotes the healing of minor injuries, after insect bites and ingestual and jellyfish burns. Reduces itching and irritation.Instructions for use: Spread the problem area two to three times a day to create a protective film.Net amount 20 g.

    48.40 kn
  • 49.50 kn

    Pikosan gel is recommended for the care and protection of irritated skin after insect bites, and sunburn, vlasules and jellyfish.It provides a pleasant cooling sensation and reduces itching and irritation. The product contains synergy of natural ingredients for effective effect (green tea, aloe vera, chamomile, allantoin, tea, lavender, calendula, vitamin...

    49.50 kn
  • 81.30 kn

    Azena vegetable fat consists of gaveza, calendula, lavender in a natural base based on olive oil, sunflower oil and beeswax.Azena ointment has a mild antiseptic effect, has a softening effect on injured tissue, stimulates local blood circulation, granulation and epitheliumization and reduces swelling. It is applied in wounds, burns, swelling and insect...

    81.30 kn
  • 45.00 kn

    Dr. Bezz sensitive cream - is of natural origin, based on essential oils of geranium and lemongrass, with the addition of glycerin. It has a pleasant smell, provides the skin with adequate moisture and nourishes it, without irritating it. Dr. Bezz products have a pleasant citrus scent and do not contain DEET.

    45.00 kn
  • 91.30 kn

    Gentle formulations based on geraniole, lavender hydrolate and essential oils.Pleasant smell, yet strong enough to repel even the most persistent mosquitoes.Spray is not suitable for babies. It can be used for children over 3 years of age.Usage mode: Scatter over exposed parts of the body. Before use shake.Composition: Lavender hydrolate with dissolved...

    91.30 kn
  • 42.20 kn

    FLOCETA SOFT gel soothes irritated, red and sensitive skin and leaves a feeling of comfort while protecting and regenerating the skin after exposure to external factors. FLOCETA SOFT gel soothes the skin after prolonged exposure to the sun's rays. It is also suitable for the care of sensitive children's skin. FLOCETA SOFT gel cools pleasantly, and herbal...

    42.20 kn
  • 53.00 kn

    Kalomila gel is intended to sooth irritated, red and sensitive skin. The skin is most often irritated after too long exposure to the sun, insect bites, shaving and waxing, excessive sweating, jellyfish heat.Contains chamomile extract & aloe vera extract to soothe & soften skin They are traditionally used in irritated skin, burns, insect bites,...

    53.00 kn
  • 74.00 kn

    Pictan KIDS Natural is intended to protect gentle children's skin from mosquito bites and other insects.It is a quality natural product with adjusted concentrations of ingredients for children from an early age.When applied due to the specific formulation, it additionally nourishes and protects the skin, absorbs quickly, does not grease, leaves no traces,...

    74.00 kn
  • 50.00 kn

    Pictan Family spray effectively protects the skin from mosquitoes, ticks, flies and other insects.It is in the form of a moisturizing lotion that:nourishes skinhas a pleasant smellEasy to smearabsorbs quicklydoes not leave a massive mark on the skinPictan Family is a unique biocidal preparation containing active components N,N-diethyle-m-toluamide (DEET),...

    50.00 kn
  • 66.00 kn

    Pictant Family Natural is a quality and effective natural product against mosquitoes and other insects.further nourishes & protects skinabsorbs quicklynot fatleaves no traceshas a pleasant smell Repeat the intermittent process for several seconds 2-3 times a day.

    66.00 kn
  • 46.00 kn

    A gentle emulsion that provides effective protection against insects to sensitive skin of children over two years of age and adult skin. It is based on a new type of synthetic repellent IR3535, with the addition of lemon balm essential oil (melisa). Dr Bezz cosmetics provide effective double protection against mosquito bites and other insects, and is...

    46.00 kn
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