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    Cetaphil DERMACONTROL cleansing foam contains natural soothing ingredients that achieve balance in skin care with acne.Regular use of this noncomedogenic product helps optimize the effects of acne treatment and maintain a beautiful skin and a uniform complexion.Cetaphil DERMACONTROL products were created on the foundations of the Cetaphil line, which has...

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    Dries, soothes and restores irritated skin. Cicalfate lotion is used in wet dermatosis, skin irritation, but also external mucous membranes, in infants, children and adults.Sushi - contains silicates that absorb moisture from the surface of the skin Healing - sucralfate causes healing of superficial skin damage Protects - a combination of copper and...

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    Kertyol P.S.O. balm for daily hydration is a supportive care for psoriasis-prone skin and can be used as such in combination or in addition to medical treatment. It is specially formulated for full body skin care, especially on parts without plaques. Recent research has shown that daily full-body skin care can help prevent skin from getting worsening.This...

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  • 139.00 kn

    Restoring cream for irritated and weakened skin (redness, tightening and scaling): irritation of the hands, dry areas, diaper rash, irritation around the mouth...Antiiritation skin care, formulated with Rhealba oats extract and copper-zinc complex, which instantly soothes, purifies irritated area and contributes to epidermal regeneration. The feeling of...

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  • 37.00 kn

    A gentle syndet for cleansing hands and body that protects the skin's natural defense mechanisms.Eucerin pH5 syndet without soap cleans slightly and is specially designed for sensitive skin.It contains a neutral level of pH on the skin, while the combination of pH5 citrate buffer and extremely mild surfactants protects the activity of enzymes that...

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  • 113.99 kn

    Clinical and dermatological studies prove very good effectiveness and tolerability even on extremely dry and diseased skin.Washing fluid for dry, extremely dry and extremely dry skin.This gentle, replenishing and effective fluid for washing very dry, coarse skin can be used daily and will not compromise the skin's natural protective barrier. Enriched with...

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  • 105.00 kn

    Ultra-soothing refreshing spray that relieves unpleasant sensations on the skin. For infants, children and adults. For the face, body and outer intimate area.CUTALGAN ultra-soothing refreshing spray has an instant cooling effect and soothes unpleasant sensations on the skin thanks to cat claw extract and Rhealba oat shoot extract.Fragile skin can cause...

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  • 125.00 kn

    Immufen gel for the skin after radiotherapy is a medical product in the form of a gel used for appropriate moisturizing and lubrication of the skin and creates a protective barrier near the places subjected to radiation. By creating a suitable environment, it promotes natural regenerative processes.Immufen enhanced skincare gel after radiotherapy contains...

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  • 125.00 kn

    A medical product rich in ingredients that create a damp and lubotic barrier on the skin, alleviating the symptoms of fist-foot syndrome, and enhances natural regenerative processes. The cream contains 10% urea that intensely moisturizes and softens irritated skin. Additionally contained in the product are substances such as Omega Plus Complex, shea...

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  • 149.00 kn

    Bioskin Derma spray was originally manufactured more than 10 years ago with the belief that the skin can overcome any problems with the correct nutrients and care. Derma spray contains a multitude of natural oils that help the skin become stronger and healthier. The main ingredient is wolf thorn oil, which contains Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 and soothes the skin...

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  • 58.70 kn

    A very rich syndet that gently cleanses very dry skin prone to atopic dermatitis or itching resulting from dryness of the skin. Infants, children, adults. Very gentle base for cleaning without soap. Physiological pH. It's uncoogenic. Developed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Very good tolerability.

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  • 92.40 kn

    It instantly alleviates the need to scratch the skin and reduces damage to eczema.Very dry, irritated skin prone to itching. Exceptional dryness. Sensitive skin and skin prone to atopic. Babies, children and adults. Suitable for very dry, irritated skin prone to itching. Also suitable for skin prone to atopic or allergy.Procedure for instant calming of...

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    Extremely dry skin in babies, children and adults. Also suitable for sensitive, very dry, irritated skin, itchy-prone skin that can lead to scratching. Suitable for skin withconsoles and allergies.In addition to the current sedation of the skin, Lipikar Baume AP+ helps to make the stages of worsening dryness of the skin appear less frequently.. The skin...

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