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    For the prevention of frequent urinary tract infections / bladder inflammation caused by the bacterium E. coli. It helps to treat urinary tract infection. used to help treat urinary tract infection caused by E. coli and to protect against re-inflammation of the urinary tract (bladder inflammation) Dosing and use for adults: One bag per day is...

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    Natural help with frequent urinary tract infections.Solaray D-Manoza + CranActin is a combination of D-manosis (glucose-like sugar that does not raise the glycemic index) and CranActin and as such forms the ultimate antiadhesive formula. The recommended daily dose provides a clinically tested dose.Solaray CranActin products contain pure high-potency...

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    Combination of cranberry mother juice and a handy D-Manoza bag for particularly easy and comfortable dosing.D-mannose is a simple sugar molecule, which is naturally found in plants such as cranberry, blueberry, peach, orange and apple. It is thanks to D-manosis that cranberries are effective in the treatment of urinary infections.Contains: cranberry...

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    A unique combination on the market with D-manose and S.Boulardii that works synergistically on the E.Coli eradication.Uriroyal is an innovative dietary supplement, a unique and effective composition for uncomplicated urinary tract infections and the prevention of reculent urinary tract infections.It contains a unique combination of D-mannose (2 g) – which...

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    Natural help with bladder infections. When the E. coli bacteria sticks to and spreads to the walls of the urinary tract, it causes problems such as frequent urination, pressure and burning when urinating and the like.The action of D-manosis is very simple – when it uses E. coli bacteria, instead of on the wall, they stick to this simple sugar molecule and...

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    Vitalia D-mannose contains an optimal daily dose of 2 grams of d-mannose that works synergistically with Vitalia Urovin solution. Vitalia D-mannose also contains niacin, which contributes to the normal functioning of mucous membranes and is easily applied due to its finished dosing shape and refreshing lime flavor.To prevent frequent urinary tract...

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    Femidoc is a medical product with D-manosis that helps treat bladder infection caused by E. coli and is used to protect against re-infection of the urine system.• One bag contains 2 g of D-manosis, a clinically tested ingredient, to which bacteria cannot develop resistance• femidoc is water soluous and has a pleasant taste (cranberries)• femidoc contains...

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