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    It prevents the formation of fungal infections and promotes the growth of nails.Onykoleine solution against fungi on the nails of the hands and feet. Weak nails require a specific supply of nutrients. Onykoleine contains two patented ingredients in combination with an essential oil complex that helps maintain the natural physiology of nails.Apply a thin...

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    Naildoc Pharma nail care and protection pen is intended for intensive care of nails infected with fungi. Naildoc Pharma pen with regular use helps maintain beautiful and healthy nails and protects against re-outbreak of fungal infection.With essential oils of tea tree, lavender and cypressNo polishingEasy applicationDermatologically tested

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    Naildoc RAPID gel is a medical product for the treatment of fungal nail infection.This unique formula acts directly, penetrates through the surface of the nail plate and destroys the fungus within 20 seconds. The gel creates an unfavorable environment for the growth of fungi and prevents the spread of infection to other nails and protects against...

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    The new Nailner pencil contains an active nail lightening substance that ensures the first visible improvement after only 7 days. Nailner pencil 2 in 1 proven to effectively remove fungi on nails. Thanks to the innovative application system Nailner penetrates deep into the structure of the nail plate and lowers the pH value. An acidic environment is...

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  • 129.50 kn

    Nailner lacquer 2 in 1 is used in fungal nail infections and quickly improves the appearance of the nail plate.Eliminates fungal nail infections - by penetrating through layers of keratin and lowering the pH value of the infected nail nail, Nailner creates an unfavorable environment for fungi and consequently removes them.Improvement visible after 7 days...

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    It destroys 99.9 percent of the fungus, visibly improves the appearance of the nail plate and prevents the transmission of fungal infection to other nails. The peculiarity of this treatment is that it works in two stages:Phase 1: fungal removal – lasts for four weeks and includes treatments with turpial (once a week) and liquid agent (once a day).The...

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items