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    An ideal and practical gluten-free mixture of flour for all types of bread and lifted dough, as well as sweet or healthy sweets.Make bread, scones, pizzas, seals or sweet pears whenever you want. Thanks to the Bread-Mix properties, your dough will surely succeed and be delicious!IT DOES NOT CONTAIN GLUTEN, WHEAT AND LACTOSE!* Due to the cost of delivery...

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    A delicious bright organic blend of flour to make gluten-free bread.It does not contain flavorings or means for lifting dough.Ingredients: Potato starch, cornstarch, corn flour, rice flour, thickener (guar gum).It may contain traces of milk protein, lupine and soybeans.Net quantity: 1000g Country of origin: Germany* Due to the cost of delivery for larger...

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    Durum wheat, steamed, dried and broken into small pieces. It is cooked for 10 minutes in water. Bulgur is rich in fiber, an excellent source of B vitamins, recommended in the preparation of traditional dishes, marinated in lemon and mint juice, seasoned with raw vegetables for a fresh and very tasty dish.

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    Coarser ground endosperm of hard (durum) wheat - the so-called semolina.It is used as pasta or rice in different ways. It can be easily prepared by boiling for 2-3 minutes in boiling water. You can season it with umaci or exotic spices. It can also serve as a basis for salads, as an addition to soups, and as a side dish to meat or vegetables.If sweetened...

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    Coconut flour 1000g - is produced from dried and unheated coconut meat (by-products: coconut milk, coconut fat). contains fewer digestible carbohydrates than any other flour the consistency is similar to wheat flour contains few carbohydrates, ideal for preparing pastries and loaves outstanding source of protein, does not contain gluten and lactose...

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    Rice flour is a type of flour that is obtained by finely grinding rice. Gluten-free alternative to wheat, but when cooking and baking does not give the same results as wheat flour because it absorbs more liquid.It is used as a thickening agent, obtaining dietary pasta, as an addition to infant and toddler foods, a remedy for diarrhea, a base for puddings....

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items