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  • 40,90 kn

    It gives lips relief in 60 seconds.Restores, protects and soothes dry, chapped lips. It forms a protective barrier for faster regeneration of the skin on the lips.Apply Eucerin Aquaphor Lip Repair lip balm as often as necessary.

    40,90 kn
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    BEE BALM bee fat in the stick instantly regenerates cracked and irritated lips creating a protective layer and providing intense hydration of the lips and restores softness.BEE BALM bee fat in the stick is ideal for lip care that needs adequate protection because the skin in the area is very sensitive. Packing: 4.2g.

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  • 79,30 kn

    Herpes Cream ACTIVO3 is a preparation intended for skin care exposed to the development of herpes simplex.Ozonelized sunflower oil regenerates the epidermal layer, accelerates the natural withdrawal of symptoms and reduces the unpleasant sensation of itching and pain.Apply a small amount to the area affected by herpes. Repeat the procedure 3 times a day.

    79,30 kn
  • 51,50 kn

    ICTYANE hydrating stik is intended for daily care of dry and damaged lips. Thanks to a very creamy protective formula, enriched with a thermoprotectic complex (trehalosis, glycerol and sorbitol), it hydrates, protects and restores dry and damaged lips due to the effects of climatic stresses such as wind, cold and heat. Its pleasant texture allows easy...

    51,50 kn
  • 200,70 kn

    Reshaped smile and raised eye contours.For menopausal women who want to act against the effects of slower hormonal activity in the eye and lip area: loss of density and relaxation.Apply every day in the morning and evening to the contours of the lips and eyes.

    200,70 kn
  • 53,40 kn

    A new improved, even more nutritious formula. The creamy texture leaves an instant feeling of comfort on the lips.Food Rich in Cold Cream cream completely covers and deeply nourishes the lips.RENEWS It contains sucralphate, which promotes accelerated restoration of the lips.Soothes Avène thermal spring water and alpha-bisabolol soothe the lips...

    53,40 kn
  • 23,00 kn

    A simple solution for modern men and daily protection of the lips from the sun, cold and wind.Melem in the stick prevents excessive drying of the lips and creates a protective layer similar to the natural layer of healthy skin, thereby keeping the lips soft and elastic. To keep your lips protected for a long time, give them the full care they deserve.

    23,00 kn
  • 275,00 kn

    Herpotherm can completely prevent the formation of herpes blisters if applied in time. If herpes blisters have already broken out, Herpotherm can alleviate symptoms faster and speed up treatment compared to acyclovir-containing creams.Applying a Herpotherm device is very simple. The device is first placed on the affected area of the skin and gently...

    275,00 kn
  • 122,00 kn

    Color, nourishing care and shine. To brighten lips, even the most sensitive ones. 3 feminine and timeless shades, for a natural impression, without compromise: Soft colors with a glow effect Rich, smooth texture Nutritious care that provides comfort Safety and tolerability for sensitive and irritated lips odorless and SPF 20 Resistant to...

    122,00 kn
Showing 1 - 15 of 31 items