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    INOFOLIC is a dietary supplement with myoinosistol and folic acid suitable for giving the necessary quantities of both substances in cases of reduced dietary intake or increased needs of the organism.1 bag of INOFOLIC contains 2000 mg of myo-inozitole and 200 μg of folic acid.It can be useful when the needs for both myoinositol and folic acid during...

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    ROIDAKAL is a dietary supplement with α lipoic acid, magnesium and vitamin B₆, it is recommended to take it with increased body needs for these ingredients.It is recommended in maintaining pregnancy.α-lipoic acid - establishes homeostasis of inflammatory processes, reduces the contractility of myometrics, strengthens fetal membranes and slows cervical...

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    Gynositol is a dietary supplement containing myoinosistol and folic acid, and is intended for women before and during pregnancy.Myoinositol is a glucose-like molecule involved in the functioning of many cellular mechanisms. Improves reproductive health and healthy ovarian function – it helps eliminate numerous PCOS-connected disorder.Folic acid or...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items