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  • 204.00 kn

    Cuff for newer pressure gauter models: M6 Comfort, M3 Comfort and M7 IT.Size 22-42 cm for the average and large upper arm. An innovative cuff that allows precise measurement even when not set correctly. It is not suitable for earlier pressure gauter models.Model designation: HEM-FL1.

    204.00 kn
  • 248.80 kn

    Easy cuff universal soft cuff for the new M3 and M6 pressure gauter model with adapter.Easy cuff universal soft cuff that fits new M3 and M6 OMRON models with adapter. The universal cuff fits almost any upper arm, the size for the average and large upper arm (22 - 42 cm). It is incompatible with earlier M3 and M6 models.

    248.80 kn
  • 103.80 kn

    Power adapter with Omron meter. Suitable for most fully automatic Omron pressure gauter that are currently on offer.

    103.80 kn
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items