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    Naildoc RAPID gel is a medical product for the treatment of fungal nail infection.This unique formula acts directly, penetrates through the surface of the nail plate and destroys the fungus within 20 seconds. The gel creates an unfavorable environment for the growth of fungi and prevents the spread of infection to other nails and protects against...

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    Naildoc Pharma nail care and protection pen is intended for intensive care of nails infected with fungi. Naildoc Pharma pen with regular use helps maintain beautiful and healthy nails and protects against re-outbreak of fungal infection.With essential oils of tea tree, lavender and cypress No polishing Easy application Dermatologically tested

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    Nippes nail clippers mode. 34 - 9cm.Nippes scissors stand out for three factors: functionality, ergonomics and transformation. This means that all Nippes scissors are sharp, hand-sharpened in Solingen and ideal for any app. They lie perfectly in hand avoiding fatigue and undergoing intense quality control before leaving the workshop

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  • 17,56 €

    Previous acid treatments only give results after prolonged use, and their application is often not easy. Wartner anti-nipple pencil was developed with the aim of completely removing ordinary warts and warts on the feet in the short term using the traditional method of applying acids and an innovative applicator easy to use.This innovative pencil allows...

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  • 21,11 €

    Wartner nipple freeze has been developed with the aim of providing the most effective self-treatment with easy use. It usually works already after the first application.Wartner removes warts by the freezing method applied by doctors: Freezes the core of nipples Creates a bladder until the nipple falls off After treatment, healthy skin grows Thanks to...

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  • 9,53 €

    Parasoftin peeling socks are an innovative solution for intensive foot skin care.Depending on the degree of damage to the skin on the legs, Parasoftin ingredients penetrate and soften the coarse layer and remove thickening of the skin. AHA/BHA acids effectively stimulate the regeneration and regeneration of processes in the skin. Extract complex (plant...

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  • 16,66 €

    Nippes nail pliers model 27 - 12cm.Tradition is proven by value, especially when it is as long-lasting as Nippes nail pliers. Handmade pliers always made of the best materials like valuable steel from Solingen. A wonderful tradition with quality.

    16,66 €

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items