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    Very high level of skin protection. Skin-compatible formulation: free of perfume, colour and preservatives.Unique triple cell protection against tanning and aging of the skin due to sun exposure. UVA + UVB + IR-A protection Suitable for use on skin prone to sun allergies and acne Especially lightweight sunscreen gel with a high level of protection,...

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  • 90,60 kn

    Vichy Homme Deo Spray 48h Tolerance Optimale Hypoallergenic is a deodorant for sensitive skin.Pure and minimalist formulas, no alcohol. Compressed spray allows the same number of uses and the same effectiveness as a spray of 200 ml.Packaging: 100 ml.

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  • 23,00 kn

    A simple solution for modern men and daily protection of the lips from the sun, cold and wind.Melem in the stick prevents excessive drying of the lips and creates a protective layer similar to the natural layer of healthy skin, thereby keeping the lips soft and elastic. To keep your lips protected for a long time, give them the full care they deserve.

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  • 115,60 kn

    Eucerin MEN Silver Shave aftershave balm is based on the latest scientific discoveries about the skin and restores and intensely soothes sensitive skin of the face after shaving. The formula with licochalcon A and silver ions soothes the skin and helps prevent shaving-related irritations such as sores and inflammation caused by micro-cuts. It is also...

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  • 64,78 kn

    Here's a shave replacement cartridge for the EvoShave shaving system.EvoShave cartridges are specially designed against the accumulation of hair residues and dirt under razor blades. Premium Sandvik steel with chrom-nitride, Teflon coating. As a result you get a smoother, less stressful shave.The two-way single-layer cartridge allows shaving without the...

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  • 53,99 kn

    EvoShave is a revolutionary unisex shaving system. It is the first new design of the shaving appliance, after 100 years of dominance of existing designs and models.The two-way single-layer cartridge allows shaving without the need to change the position of the appliance, with a unique steering and shaving capability in both directions.The revolutionary...

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  • 181,25 kn

    Fast absorbent serum acts rehydrating, improves collagen production, reduces signs of fatigue and stress.The serum is applied in a small amount daily to the cleansed face and neck. Suitable for all skin types. Avoid eye contact.The serum is best applied in the morning on cleansed and dry skin of the face. If you have dry skin after the serum apply...

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    The cream nourishes dry and sensitive skin by providing it with the necessary hydration, improves elasticity, promotes changes in tissue and makes the skin radiant. Immortelle essential oil in combination with natural vegetable oils is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy trace. Sandalwood essential oil leaves a rich, deep and powerful fragrance....

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  • 175,00 kn

    The breathable formula works strongly regeneratively, rehydrations the skin and makes it radiant and elastic. It contains fast-absorbing vegetable oils of apricot, jojobe and papaya that further make it more effective. Apply a small amount to the cleaned face every day. Avoid the eye area. Dalmatian immortelle essential oil has a beneficial effect on the...

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  • 175,00 kn

    Soothes redness and cools the skin after shaving. It leaves a strong, masculine smell. No parabens!It absorbs quickly. It leaves no greasy mark. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. The vegetable oils of jojobe and hazelnuts restore moisture and softness and thus soothe the skin after shaving. Preserves skin elasticity and firmness. It's not...

    175,00 kn
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