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    Electric nasal cleaning device with hygienic disposable crucibles.Babies up to one year of age can breathe only on the nose, so it is necessary to regularly maintain nasal hygiene and clean the nasal secretions and mucus in case of illness. Aspirator Nano Aspiro quickly and gently removes excess mucus from the nasal cavity and relieves symptoms of upper...

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    Nosko is a medical product for gently cleaning discharge from children's wearers with a soft head - best suited to children. The shape of the attachment is soft, flexible and ideal for newborns and young children.One soft-tipped head for newborns and toddlers. Nosy is based on the most effective vacuum technology possible - through your home vacuum...

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    OMRON DUOBABY is a unique 2-in-1 device - an inhaler and aspirator that helps treat respiratory problems in babies and children. It does not contain antibacterial filters, it is very easy to use and a very hygienic device with a convenient compartment for storing all spare parts.The inhaler effectively delivers the medicine (or saline) to the upper and...

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    Runny nose in babies and children up to the age of 2 is very common. One of the biggest problems is that a small child is still incapable of deflating his nose and it will take time before an infant or baby learns to breathe through his mouth. A blocked nose will interfere with breathing, cause discomfort, and can also lead to more serious health problems...

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    Wearing a set of nasal aspirators is a medical product that works on every home vacuum cleaner. Effectively and safely removes secretions from the noses of infants and children who do not know how to blow their noses on their own. A walkable nose is a basic condition that children and infants could breathe, eat and sleep well, most importantly in the...

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