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    TREATMENT WITH CONCENTRATED DROPS BASED ON MARINE COLLAGEN.Suitable for thin, sensitive or skin with couperose.By applying concentrated drops based on SEA COLLAGEN to the skin, with a gentle massage we will enrich the skin with one of its main natural ingredients, while improving the degree of its hydration and nutrition.+Choose Active Face Cream: H1, H2...

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    Amazing dry oil Florale for face, body and hair / For all skin types. Use miraculous dry oil on the face, body and hair throughout the year, both in summer and winter.A touch of sweet and romantic femininity is turning into the magic of the new Florale dry oil, which with its fresh and radiant scent carries the breath of spring and blooming flowers. With...

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    You're tormented by troublesome skin? Blackheads and pins ruin your self-esteem? Make sure that this cream is effective.Fourfold targeted action makes this cream effective for the care of problematic skin. The cream is intended for oily skin with blackheads and pimples present. It cleanses the skin and restores its disturbed balance.No parabens, retinoids...

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    Intensive care and restoration of demanding, sensitive and dry skin! natural cosmetics, paraben-free, for children and adults repairs structure, nourishes, moisturizes & refreshes skin with mild anti-aging effect after exposure to sunlight, wind and cold will relieve discomfort and allow rest to continue diaper rash preventive and therapeutic...

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    Do stains and freckles on your skin bother you? We agree, every woman deserves beautiful and healthy skin, without flaws. The cream is intended for skin with hyperpigmentation areas, such as spots and spots formed under the influence of the sun's rays, hormones or aging of the skin. The expertly selected combination of exclusively natural ingredients...

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    Suitable for problematic skin, mixed skin type or mature skin (without couperose).GLYCOLIC ACID acts on the cells of the cholenal layer of the epidermis by gently removing the surface layers. In this way, a slight exfoliation is achieved, which allows the surface of the skin to be restored. +Choose Active Face Cream: H1, H2 or H3 ?

    49,77 €

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