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  • 91,80 €

    With OMRON The C102 Total 2in1 inhaler and nose shower are easy to prevent or treat a blocked nose, severe cough, allergic reactions or other breathing problems. It is intended for people in need of inhaled therapy and/or those who need a nose wash. It is not intended for children under the age of 4 (who do not know how to blow their noses).2 in 1 device...

    91,80 €

  • 185,50 €

    Omron MicroAIR U100 inhaler is a unique portable inhaler with MESH technology.It effectively treats a wide range of respiratory conditions from simple cough to asthma. Unlike traditional inhalers, it is transferable, runs on batteries (4 hours) and is practically silent. It allows you to take the medicine wherever and whenever you need it. The device's...

    185,50 €

  • 84,50 €

    The Omron design of the Nami Cat compressor inhaler is child-friendly and helps the parent to get the child more easily used to their inhaler and its application. Its powerful Omron compressor provides the effective treatment they need. Specially designed to make it easier for a child to apply an inhaler.Specifications: Inhalation rate: Approximately...

    84,50 €

  • 56,45 €

    Powerful inhaler compressor. We recommend it for diseases of the upper respiratory tract (synisitis, laryngitis).The device on an electromagnetic compressor. Modern design and superior performance.It comes equipped with masks for children and adults, a nasal and mouth inhalation attachment and 5 spare air filters.BENEFITS OF INHALATION THERAPY: With a...

    56,45 €

  • 96,86 €

    The je izuzetno lagan i Me120 ultrasonic inhaler is extremely light and calm , malen i praktičansmall and practical , jednostavan za čišćenje i održavanje. To je izvrsno za njegu donjeg respiratornog trakta. Zbog svojeg tihog rada i mogućnosti regulacije kretanja i koncentracije aerosola je posebno pogodan za easy to clean and maintain. udisanja...

    96,86 €

  • 20,40 €

    Wearing a set of nasal aspirators is a medical product that works on every home vacuum cleaner. Effectively and safely removes secretions from the noses of infants and children who do not know how to blow their noses on their own. A walkable nose is a basic condition that children and infants could breathe, eat and sleep well, most importantly in the...

    20,40 €

  • 14,61 €

    Nosko is a medical product for gently cleaning discharge from children's wearers with a soft head - best suited to children. The shape of the attachment is soft, flexible and ideal for newborns and young children.One soft-tipped head for newborns and toddlers. Nosy is based on the most effective vacuum technology possible - through your home vacuum...

    14,61 €

Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items