Products for removing accumulated or hardened muscle fat (cerumen) and preventing inflammation of the outer sound. Help in cleaning the outer sound and preparing the ear for cleaning by rinsing to the doctor.

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    The first product designed to help protect the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat, ear).It contains 1 billion active streptococcus salivarius K12 bacteria, the most prerested bacteria in the oral cavity that helps build the first line of defense against infections.PROblis Kids offers high efficiency in fighting the most common causes of ear, throat and...

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    Physiodose saline is a sterile non-active saline without preservatives. It's packed in monodoses. Physiodose saline is safe, hygienic and easy to use.Physiodose saline is recommended in babies, children and adults:For nasal hygiene: to rinse or clean a dry or stuffy nose For eye hygiene: for rinsing, cleaning or washing eyes For ear hygiene For...

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    Oil spray for cleaning the ear with deep action. It is used to remove excessive or hardened body fat (cerumen), to prevent inflammation of the sound.What is CERUSTOP SPRAY used for – ear oil?To dissolve and remove excessive or hardened body fat To prevent inflammation of the sound For cleaning the earlobe and soundad It's scattering into the...

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    To prevent inflammation of the sound, especially in frequent or prolonged contact with water (e.g. after bathing, showering, swimming and diving).As a supplemental therapy during the treatment of inflammation of the sounds ofodes. Normison ear spray can be used in pregnancy and during breastfeeding. It is intended for adults and children over three years...

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    OTOSAN® ear tug enhances the natural defense mechanism of the ear and prevents the accumulation of excess ear fat, which can cause buzzing, beeching and other unpleasant sounds inside the ear, uneven pressure in the ears, decrease in hearing quality, as well as a feeling of blockage in the ears.The heat released by burning OTOSAN® gently...

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  • 11,20 €

    A-Cerumen ear spray moisturizes and dissolves the dried and compact ear ointment. It is used for regular application to facilitate the removal of ear fat and prevent the formation of plugs, and to dissolve plugs in the ear.APPLICATION METHOD: Lean your head to the side, with your ear healed upwards and squirm twice, let it act for about 1 minute and...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items