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    It rapidly restores, puris and soothes lips and locally irritated skin of both face and body. Contains regenerating and antibacterial ingredients.RENEWS Sucralfate, a unique active ingredient, facilitates the restoration of superficial damage to the lips and skin.PURIS Zinc sulfate reduces the risk of developing a bacterial infection.NOURISHES and...

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    Anaftin Baby is intended to relieve pain and discomfort that occurs during teething in children.Anaftin Baby contains polyvinilpirolidone (PVP) and hyaluronic acidinvisible film that protects the gums from discomfort and pain, resulting from irritation of exposed nerve endings. Hyaluronic acid and Aloe vera in its composition help reduce pain and redness...

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    Relieves discomfort when teeth break out in children!Massage of sensitive gums with Kamistad Baby gel makes it easy to get out the first teeth.Kamistad Baby Gum Massage Gel contains an extract of chamomile flower that nourishes sensitive gums. It cools and soothes irritated skin, has a pleasant taste in honey, does not contain sugar.

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    Uriage oral care soothes irritation and promotes skin renewal in the mouth area.A safe and effective cream for sensitive baby skin around the mouth and on the face when redness, irritation or chewing occurs in the corners of the lips. These phenomena are common because babies want to try everything, put toys in their mouths, maybe grow teeth, so their...

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    Special protection for new, permanent teeth. Optimal mineralization and protection against tooth decay. The taste of lemon and mint in microcapsules turns brushing your teeth into a real experience of freshness. Fluoride content 1400 ppm.

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    For infants and children when teeth get out and fall out and with aphthae. Gengigel Baby is a hyaluronic acid gel intended for infants and children up to the age of 6.In infants, inflammation of the gums and considerable discomfort causes the first, baby teeth to sprout. When teeth penetrate through the gums, gingival tissues are slightly injured, the...

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