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White and shiny teeth are a reflection not only of beauty but also of health. In sensitive teeth, it is necessary to carefully choose a product that does not act abrasively and does not damage the enamel of the teeth, and at the same time make the teeth white.

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    For everyday protection against unpleasant breath. for healthy oral flora sodium fluoride prevents tooth decay and promotes reneralisation of teeth olafluor (aminfluoride): prevention of tooth decay and periodontal disease zinc gluconate removes unpleasant odors of sulfur compounds formed by the breakdown of food residues contains sodium fluoride,...

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    Careful and extremely precise cleaning.Great attention to small details. Brushing tooth by tooth, with a particularly small brush head is the perfect solution for cleaning each individual tooth, as well as along the edge of the gums. Now you can clean between the tooth, mobile or fixed orthodontic apparatus and bracket - flawless and effortless. An...

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    Intensive cleaning - powerful, but caring.Intensive but careful tooth cleaning. The perfect solution for effective oral hygiene and healthy gums. Strong and thoughtful. Intense, but still gentle. With proven CUREN® soft fibers.For normal gums or simply because you want to. Extremely small head in the form of drops for precise cleaning, tooth by tooth....

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    Gentle cleaning - ideal for the more sensitive.Extremely gentle, but very effective cleaning.With extra soft CUREN® fibers. For sensitive gums and periodontitis - or simply because you want to. Design with an extremely small head in the form of drops for precise cleaning, tooth by tooth. Supports hydrodynamic effect. Developed in collaboration with Prof....

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    Ease. Efficiency. Reliability. Check out the effective Hydrosonic Easy toothbrush in your new attim. Its supernatural power: reliably removes all traces of hidden, sweet and night meals.Brushing your teeth in a simple way. Hydrosonic Easy brush improves and maintains your oral health. Happy teeth. Happy gums. No complications.

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    Hydrosonic Pro dental toothbrush provides the feeling of professionally cleaned teeth every time after brushing – even if you have orthodontic braces, implants or sensitive gums installed... effective for cleaning hard-to-reach places.Brushing your teeth couldn't be more thorough than this. A small bundle replacement attachment "single" is effective...

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    Extremely effective both in the appearance of aphthae and inflammation of periodontal tissue. Gengigel forte gel effectively reduces: bleeding, pain, inflammation and swelling.Specially based gel for direct application to open wounds after: tooth extractionsimplant placementsurgical injuriesscraping and polishing the root of the toothTissue regeneration:...

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    For everyday protection against unpleasant breath.for healthy oral florasodium fluoride prevents tooth decay and promotes reneralisation of teetholafluor (aminfluoride): prevention of tooth decay and periodontal diseasezinc gluconate removes unpleasant odors of sulfur compounds formed by the breakdown of food residuescontains sodium fluoride, olafluor...

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    Yotuel fresh breath capsules offer a solution to bad breath. The amount of evaporative sulfur compounds in a person's breath can vary greatly throughout the day, and under the influence of factors such as eating, drinking, oral hygiene, sleep and the effect these activities have on saliva flow.Results in 20 minutes. Breathe fresh and clean for 24 hours....

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    A patented formula that eliminates bad breath while fighting tooth decay. Use when you want fresh breath.It fights bad breath in a natural and effective way, with a patented combination of extra virgin olive with acid, xylitol and fluoride that retains and pulls evaporating sulfur compounds without changing balance and respecting the natural flora in the...

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    Periodontal Fluoride is a daily toothpaste, specially formulated to stop and prevent bleeding of gums, preserve gum health and keep teeth strong and breath fresh. Healthy gums don't bleed, and if you see blood brushing your teeth or flossing them, it could point to gum disease. If left untreated, the problem could get worse and lead to bad breath, red and...

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    Toothpaste in gel. Toothpaste with 0.12% chlorhexidine digluconate. NO NLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), which reduces the action of chlorhexidine. It is recommended before and after each dental treatment intervention, for the protection of gums, as well as for people who have problems with bleeding gums. For chemical control of plaque. For use up to two months.

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    Apidental spray contains a tincture of porpolis and tincture of medicinal herbs (sage, echinacea, melis, chamomile, mint).The combination of propolis and medicinal herbs, which unites their healing properties, has a beneficial effect on the gums and allows easier recovery of damaged gums. It can also be used in the mucous membranes of the mouth damaged by...

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    The first product designed to help protect the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat, ear).It contains 1 billion active streptococcus salivarius K12 bacteria, the most prerested bacteria in the oral cavity that helps build the first line of defense against infections.PROblis Kids offers high efficiency in fighting the most common causes of ear, throat and...

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    Solution ready for use for the prevention and avoidance of unpleasant breath from the mouth, and reduction of bacteria that create bad breath in the oral cavity. Octenident creates a feeling of purity in the mouth and is suitable for patients with limited ability to perform oral hygiene. Rinse the oral cavity for about 30 seconds 1-2 times a day. Don't...

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