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Frequent infections are a sign that our immune system is not in good condition. Then it is especially important that we consult with a doctor or pharmacist on how to strengthen the functioning of the immune system.

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    CE DE Glucan syrup for children is a liquid dietary supplement that contributes to strengthening children's immunity.It contains vitamins C and D and zinc that contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

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    Paranit Extra Strong spray is 100% effective after one application. Treats lice in 5 minutesProtects against reappearance of lice for up to 72 hoursTriple action formulaDehydrates lice and nitsChokes lice and nitsProtects up to 72 hoursTreats both lice and nitsSafe - silicone-free, insecticide-free, dermatologically testedClinically proven Content: 100 ml.

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    A powerful dose for rapid results in a child-friendly form. Contains HOWARU RESTORE premium combination of cultures of good* bacteria.Biorela Junior is a dietary supplement to increase the number of good* bacteria in the digestive system, intended for children over 3 years of age, pregnant women and adults. It contains good* bacteria that are naturally...

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    With the purchased product childlife Multivitamins and minerals as a gift childlife Vitamin C! Regular price of duopacking 314,64 kn - promotional price: 213,96 kn.PROVEN COMBINATION FOR THE HEALTH OF THE YOUNGEST: complete formula of 18 natural forms of vitamins and minerals, essential for the proper growth and development of the youngest, designed by...

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    Vitarojal Forte 2000 mg contains royal jelly which is a natural biostimulator of the organism. Each ampoule contains 2000 mg of royal jelly.It is recommended to strengthen the body especially in periods when colds, viruses and flu are most common, also thanks to zinc in its composition the product contributes to the normal functioning of the immune...

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    To increase the vitality of the organism.Before use in children, we recommend consulting with a manufacturer or pharmacist. Honey mixture has an excellent effect in children's uro-infections (1-6 years of age) and as prophylaxis of chronic inflammation of all kinds, and applying it with classical therapy improves its effectiveness. It is recommended after...

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    Arkoroyal Junior BIO Royal Jelly 500 mg in individual doses contains organic honey and mild nature – top quality organic royal jelly. It is guaranteed without artificial dyes, preservatives and alcohol. To provide our children with the best of nature with complete safety. Arkoroyal Junior BIO Royal Jelly combines all active organic ingredients and...

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    MGO 250+ Manuka honey is certified to contain at least 250mg/kg of methylglioxal. The higher the content of methychlyglioxal, the greater the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action.MGO Manuka honey is considered the healthiest honey in the world and the Manuka plant grows only in New Zealand.MANUKA HONEY MGO 250+ naturally contains methychlyglioxal...

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    Alfabiotic Junior is an innovative dietary supplement intended for children from 3 years of age. It contains a unique combination of AHCC®FD complex (acetiliated alpha 1.4 glucan) and bacterial culture BB12®. To strengthen resistance before and during cold and flu season Immunomodulatory effect of better resistance to acute infections...

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    Biorela Boulardii capsules are a dietary supplement that contains a powerful dose of 5 billion Saccharomyces boulardii with the addition of vitamin D to protect immunity.Method of taking: 1-2 capsules per day. If necessary, the capsule can be opened and the contents mixed with food or drink. In this case, do not mix with hot ingredients.A powerful dose of...

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    Liquid dietary supplement with beta-glucan, zinc and black elderberry fruit extract. Syrup 150 ml + 150 ml FREE.Salvit Beta glucan is a unique liquid dietary supplement that, in addition to patented Yestimun beta-glucan, also contains black elderberry depletion, as a natural source of vitamin C and zinc that contributes to the function of the immune...

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    From the first day for mother and child and people with allergies and prone to allergies. for a balanced immune system during pregnancy and during the first years of your child's life during pregnancy and during breastfeeding recommended specifically for people prone to allergies and people with allergies recommended for children who are predisposed...

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    Vitarojal junior 300 mg contains royal jelly which is a natural biostimulator of the organism. It is recommended to strengthen the body especially in periods when colds, viruses and flu are most common.Each ampoule contains 300 mg of royal jelly. Royal jelly (gelee royale) is the most valuable and respected product of bees. It represents the secretion of...

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    Immunoglucence P4H ACUTE contains as much as 300 mg of natural Immunogluan, the optimal dose of vitamin C and the recommended daily dose of zinc.Imunoglukan P4H ACUTE is intended for short-term use – 5 days. Taking it is recommended immediately at the first signs announcing infection (fatigue and exhaustion, lack of concentration, irritability), i.e. at...

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Showing 16 - 30 of 73 items