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    Treatment of the pan and scaly skin conditions in infants. Kelual emulsion provides complete keratoregulating care for the scalp and localized areas on the face. With its light texture, the Kelual emulsion works gently without greasy and sticky effect.Apply kelual emulsion on the body once a day for 2 weeks gently massaging. Leave for 15 minutes and then...

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    Specially designed for use from the birth Mustela Baby shampoo is ideal for cleaning gentle and sensitive baby hair: Leaves hair perfectly clean thanks to ultra-gentle action Respects the delicate balance of the baby's scalp. Easy to rinse, makes it easier to comb hair. The ultra-gentle formula doesn't sting for the eyes. Thanks to a new formula...

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  • 11,95 €

    Uraige milk against the scalp - gently removes the scalp and face. Purpose Milk against the sobriete gently removes the body and regulates the proliferation of the skin flora. It is suitable for the scalp, but also for the skin of the face. MAIN INGREDIENTS The patented TRL2 complex, combined with pyrocton olamine and thermal Uriage , cleanses the...

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    Uriage D.S. emulsion - a purifying and soothing moisturizing emulsion. Soothes irritation and flakeing, soothes redness and hydrates the skin. PURPOSE Skin care prone to seborrhea dermatitis, irritation, redness, scaling. It can also be used in the body. For babies, children, adults. For the face, body and scalp. THE MAIN INGREDIENTSUriage thermal...

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    Specially designed for use from birth*,Mustela foam for the tile is ideal for the treatment and prevention of the tile in the newborn: Leaves hair perfectly clean thanks to its ultra-gentle action. Respects the delicate balance of the baby's scalp. Removes the body thanks to its keratoregulation action. Helps the re-appearance of the tile thanks to...

    15,10 €

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items