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An innovative and successful Swedish concept for healthy and beautiful hair was founded in collaboration with experts in the field of nutrition, developed a top dietary supplement intended for clients who want beautiful hair.
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  • 113.39 kn

    The shampoo is intended for intensive hydration and restoration of all hair types, contains extracts to strengthen and protect hair and scalp.Xylitol and lactitol balance and restore hair, allantoin protects it and castor oil has a stimulating effect. Panthenol provitamin B5 strengthens hair and helps restore natural softness and shine. The fresh scent of...

    113.39 kn
  • 113.40 kn

    The conditioner is designed for intensive hydration and hair care, and provides additional shine, softness and protection throughout the day.Xylitol, lactitol, allantoin and panthenol provitamin B5 help hair restore softness and shine. The fresh scent of sweet almonds.Application method: Apply evenly on the hair after shampooing, leave for a minute and...

    113.40 kn
  • 173.00 kn

    Hårkontroll Man hair strengthening shampoo deeply cleanses hair and effectively removes grease, impurities and sweat. Contains clinically proven RootPrep extract that contributes to the restoration of elasticity, volume and strength of growing hair.RootPrepTM extract works effectively through the synergistic action of green tea, rosemary and yellow...

    173.00 kn
  • 201.90 kn

    Hårkontroll Man Serum for Intensive Hair Growth contains a clinically proven RootPrep extract that affects hair volume and vitality. The serum contains a clinically proven effective combination of European larch wood extracts, green tea, rosemary, alpha alpha, yellow coquette and hops. The combination of active ingredients helps the hair roots to go from...

    201.90 kn
  • 239.80 kn

    Dietary supplement in combination with patented keratin molecules - Cynatine® HNS, zinc, copper and B group vitamins (B3, B5, B6 and B8). Biotin, copper and zinc contribute to hair health. Copper contributes to the preservation of hair pigment.Harkontroll MAN line:Harcontrol BoostHarkontroll Shampoo for Strengthening HairHarkontroll Serum for Intensive...

    239.80 kn
  • 119.90 kn

    Hårkontroll Original presents strong hair and nails from the inside. It is a dietary supplement that has been specially developed to provide a key diet for hair and nails, and contains biotin, zinc and selenium that help hair and nails to be healthy, while copper contributes to the preservation of the natural pigment of hair.Hårkontroll also contains a...

    119.90 kn
  • 135.60 kn

    Mask for intense and deep hydration.Hårkontroll restoring mask with extracts that restore moisture to hair and help it restore its natural softness and lushness while also repairing unobedient and static hair. Gives fullness & shine, intensely moisturizes, softens & empowers hair, protects & soothes irritated scalp, repairs unheeded & static hair

    135.60 kn
  • 228.70 kn

    Hårkontroll Boost is a dietary supplement that empowers your hair in difficult conditions such as sun exposure, sea, stressful periods or periods of inadequate nutrition. It contains patented and clinically proven effective keratin Cynatine HNS which has the ability to repair damaged hair and prevent hair loss. Keratin in combination with biotin and zinc...

    228.70 kn
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items