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    The lab's Ducray shampoo is formulated so that the hair is soft, shiny and supple after use.Its extra gentle cleaning base is suitable for sensitive hair of the whole family and can be used every day. The combination of moisturizing ingredients provides optimal hydration and healthy hair appearance.Use as often as you want. Apply to wet hair, massage and...

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    Miraculous dry oil for multifunctional use. For body, face and hair! Nature's action An enchanting combination of delicate fragrance and precious natural ingredients for the skin, it is found in the bottles of this legendary oil. Six vegetable oils and an abundance of vitamin E make the skin soft and silky, and the tips of the hair nourished and...

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    The preparation in combination with water on the scalp creates a specific foam, which deeply and thoroughly cleanses the scalp.The formula of the preparation was created with the aim of removing impurities, without disturbing the delicate micro-rounder of the skin. Dermoactive functional substances cleanse the skin and follicular openings and promote good...

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    To whom and when is recommended: · for hair, skin and nail health · suitable for vegetarians Why? Vitamin B3, biotin, zinc and iodine contribute to maintaining normal skin. Zinc and selenium contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and nails.

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    Product Mivita skin hair nails is unique in its composition, acting from the inside, the product Mivita skin hair nails provides:Healthy and radiant skin - Vitamins B2, B3, C, beta carotene, iodine and zinc contribute to maintaining normal skin firm and shiny hair - Biotin, selenium and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal hair. Copper...

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    Miraculous dry oil for multifunctional use. For body, face and hair!Dry oil with gold particles is intended for all skin types of the body, for the radiant appearance of the skin of the face and for emphasizing the shine of the hair.Laboratory NUXE has added golden light leaves to the cocktail of pure nature – Huile Prodigieuse OR Amazing dry oil...

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    Complete formula for radiant skin, strong hair, firm nails and healthy joints. For women and men. Hydrolysed collagen enriched with vitamin C, zinc, manganese and hyaluronic acid.Collagen Vital has positive effects on health preservation, vitality and youthfulness!and SKIN Reduces wrinkles, increases skin elasticity, improves skin structure...

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    Merz Spezial HAIR capsules are recommended for people who want healthy and lush hair to make them beautiful again! Merz Spezial HAIR capsules for strong and shiny full-volume hair.Your hair is constantly growing, but to ensure that it grows thick and strong, it is necessary to supply it with nutrients. Beautiful, shiny hair requires precisely selected...

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items