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    If your hair falls out, you have dandrever, redness or irritated scalp, the solution is OLILAB Aktivderm + PSO shampoo.Innovative formula for the healthy look of your hairFor the scalp in heavier danshuti formsCan quickly calm severe symptoms of redness and irritationIt can stop hair falling out and stimulate its growth.Using OLILAB Aktivderm + PSO...

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  • 79,50 kn

    Gel balm with peony, for a delicate and irritated scalp.Specially formulated for a sensitive and irritated scalp, this gel balm provides occlutism for irritation and discomfort. Its moisturising gel texture and formula with balanced pH helps maintain optimal scalp balance and currently provides a 24-hour comfort. The scalp is soothed and leaves the hair...

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  • 93,80 kn

    If your hair falls out, you have danshut, redness or irritated scalp.OLILAB The new black shampoo is a cosmetic shampoo for washing hair and scalp based on the natural active substance Ichthyol. Thanks to Ichthyolo shampoo can solve scalp problems such as dandrèm, redness and irritated scalp.Using OLILAB New Black Shampoo will keep your hair clean and...

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  • 87,90 kn

    Mild shampoo for sensitive scalp.Designed specifically for people with sensitive scalp skin, this mild shampoo cleanses and softens hair while maintaining the natural defence mechanism of the scalp.Eucerin DermoCapillaire pH5 shampoo is specially designed to maintain the natural pH value of the skin and effectively cleanse the scalp and hair and prevent...

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  • 130,70 kn

    Sparkling face and body gel. Cleanses, cleanses and soothes irritated skin with redness and scales.Cleanses and cleanses the skin of the face and body in cases of irritated skin with redness and scales. The innovative formula contains: Pyrocton olamine: limits the reproduction of Malassezia fungus (the causative agent of the problem). Zinc gluconate...

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  • 132,10 kn

    Against hair loss. This balm for thin and weak hair that thins hydrates the scalp and improves its quality and restores hair strength and thickness - for healthy-looking hair.For women who have a problem with hair thinners, lack of density and mass of hair, and who want stronger, more gooey hair.

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  • 195,00 kn

    Auxiliary agent for physiological renewal of hair growth cycles!FUNCTION: Treatment for local application that helps with physiological restoration of hair growth cycles. The formula is enriched with functional dermoactive substances and a tricogen complex composed of botanical and biotechnological ingredients that promote physiological feeding of...

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  • 99,90 kn

    Unique naphthalene shampoo rich in oil minerals and chamomile extract.For irritated scalp, prone to redness, itching and dandut. Reduces the appearance of danshut. Contributes to the normalization of the oily scalp.Apply shampoo on wet hair and massage gently. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Suitable for everyday use.Content 200 ml.

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  • 133,20 kn

    Keratoreducing shampoo for washing the scalp with localized scaly states. Removes scales. It soothes redness.Kertyol P.S.O. shampoo is suitable for washing the scalp and all parts of the body with scaly states that are associated with excessively fast renewal of epiderm cells.In these conditions, cells accumulate on the surface of the skin, forming scaly...

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  • 134,50 kn

    Kertyol P.S.O. cream is intended for the treatment of localized scaly states of the body and scalp, which helps remove scaly clusters and soothes redness. Kertyol P.S.O. cream is intended for use on both the body and scalp, depending on the localization of the problem.Usage mode: Body (elbows, knees): Apply the cream morning and evening with gentle...

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  • 73,60 kn

    Appeasement and anti-irritation. Irritated scalp, itching. With the most sensitive scalps affected by irritation or itching, Chlorine shampoo with peony provides comfort and relief. With its very mild cleansing base, it maintains the natural balance of the scalp. He leaves his hair soft and silky. No parabens. Usage mode: Apply to wet hair, massage, foam...

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  • 79,90 kn

    Chlorine oily hair shampoo with nettle extract contains polycyclic active ingredients that act on enzymes involved in the process of sebum formation and regulate the activity of sebaceous glands. This action is enhanced by the addition of ingredients that slow down the movement of sebum on the hair. The shampoo contains an extremely gentle basis for...

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    Removes stubborn danshut. Deeply cleanses and releases the scalp.LHA provides mildly intense micro-peeling to quickly remove stubborn danshuti. Targeted technology brings to the root a compound that cleanses the scalp and sebaceous follicles, acting on dansn and preventing it from returning. Vitamin PP deeply eliminates itching.With the first application,...

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  • 113,90 kn

    Provides long-lasting relief from danshuti. It purifies the scalp. Recommended for dansy conditions associated with dry scalp.Its complete formula acts quickly and long-lastingly on various factors that cause dry dandut. Gvanidine glycolate, Ducray's patented keratoreducing active ingredient, prevents the formation of shells. Glycerol hydrates the scalp...

    113,90 kn
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