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  • 88,50 kn

    The preparation in combination with water on the scalp creates a specific foam, which deeply and thoroughly cleanses the scalp.The formula of the preparation was created with the aim of removing impurities, without disturbing the delicate micro-rounder of the skin. Dermoactive functional substances cleanse the skin and follicular openings and promote good...

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  • 183,00 kn

    Chlorine oily hair shampoo with nettle extract contains polycyclic active ingredients that act on enzymes involved in the process of sebum formation and regulate the activity of sebaceous glands. This action is enhanced by the addition of ingredients that slow down the movement of sebum on the hair. The shampoo contains an extremely gentle basis for...

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  • 173,00 kn

    Hårkontroll Man hair strengthening shampoo deeply cleanses hair and effectively removes grease, impurities and sweat. Contains clinically proven RootPrep extract that contributes to the restoration of elasticity, volume and strength of growing hair.RootPrepTM extract works effectively through the synergistic action of green tea, rosemary and yellow...

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  • 95,58 kn

    Detoxifying dry shampoo with organic water mint.In 2 minutes it cleans the hair without applying water, removes pollution particles, helps protect against pollution and leaves hair refreshed.For hair exposed to pollution. She cleans her hair without water. Invisible ending. Instant freshness.

    95,58 kn
  • 134,40 kn

    Reduced price compared to individual purchase!Use Parusan Shampoo and Tonic for sparse hair and diffuse hair loss in women. Parusan stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp, stimulates the supply of nutrients to the scalp, reduces hair loss and stimulates the growth phase, biotin and L-arginine strengthen the roots of hair, urea, vitamin E and...

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  • 139,00 kn

    If your hair falls out, you have dandrever, redness or irritated scalp, the solution is OLILAB Aktivderm + PSO shampoo.Innovative formula for the healthy look of your hairFor the scalp in heavier danshuti formsCan quickly calm severe symptoms of redness and irritationIt can stop hair falling out and stimulate its growth.Using OLILAB Aktivderm + PSO...

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  • 99,00 kn

    This refreshing myst cleanses and neutralizes the scents during the day accumulated on the hair and scalp. It's not washed off.Spray on dry hair and scalp. Don't rinse. It can be used as needed.Mint has been used around the world for centuries for its refreshing and toning properties. We chose the species Mentha aquatica L. due to its high content of...

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  • 98,30 kn

    This fresh and light balm instantly unravels hair while providing the scalp with effective protection against pollution. It's washed out.The hair feels light, easy to style and full of shine. It is suitable for natural, dyed and lightened hair.After applying shampoo, apply on the hair and scalp. Leave for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse.

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  • 74,90 kn

    A gentle shampoo that thoroughly cleanses and removes impurities from the scalp and hair exposed to daily contamination, while respecting the balance of the scalp.Provides an instant cooling sensation. Hair and scalp feel light, airy and refreshed.It is suitable for natural, dyed and lightened hair.Apply to wet hair. Foam and then rinse. For an additional...

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  • 89,40 kn

    Parusan Brilliant Brown intensive treatment - conditioner in addition to the care ingredients already found in shampoo, we have included in our intensive treatment other valuable substances that lead to an even more intense color.Jojoba and oil from grape seeds facilitate combing and make hair soft and supple.Panthenol further nourishes hairFormula...

    89,40 kn
  • 89,40 kn

    Parusan Brilliant Brown shampoo provides a stunning brown color that becomes more intense after each shampooing.With each application, the color is attached to the surface of the hair, thereby ensuring a more intense color and shine of the hair, and thus can reduce the visibility of the first gray hair.Supports darkening of brown shades of hair. With...

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  • 132,50 kn

    For easy unravelling of lifeless hair. Against hair loss. Complementing the treatments against hair loss.Anaphase+ hair strengthening conditioner contains a formula that provides vitamins and nutrients necessary to maintain healthy and vital hair (vitamins B5, B6 and B8, tocopherol nicotine). Good cosmetic properties make it easier to unravel and maintain...

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  • 37,50 kn

    The Sebamed of anti-hair loss shampoo is based on NHE formula and caffeine and ginkgo biloba extract to activate scalp microcirculation.Stimulation of circulation improves the supply of hair roots with nutrients and oxygen. It provides optimal growth conditions for strong and healthy hair and reduces hair loss. Its pH value of 5.5 supports the balance of...

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  • 93,80 kn

    If your hair falls out, you have danshut, redness or irritated scalp.OLILAB The new black shampoo is a cosmetic shampoo for washing hair and scalp based on the natural active substance Ichthyol. Thanks to Ichthyolo shampoo can solve scalp problems such as dandrèm, redness and irritated scalp.Using OLILAB New Black Shampoo will keep your hair clean and...

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  • 93,90 kn

    Chlorine chamomile balm with a rich texture restores and brightens blonde hair and makes combing easier. Hair naturally brightens and becomes shiny, soft and silky again. It is suitable for natural blonde hair, lightened hair, dyed and bleached hair.Bred under the Mediterranean sun, chamomile is traditionally used to gently lighten all shades of blonde...

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