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After-sun care
With the arrival of the summer months, we all want a tanned complexion, but even if we take every precaution and avoid bad consequences such as burns, blisters and irritating peeling, the skin still needs special care after sunbathing.

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    Amazing dry oil Florale for face, body and hair / For all skin types. Use miraculous dry oil on the face, body and hair throughout the year, both in summer and winter.A touch of sweet and romantic femininity is turning into the magic of the new Florale dry oil, which with its fresh and radiant scent carries the breath of spring and blooming flowers. With...

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    Ladival Akut Fluid after sunbathing will provide the skin with the necessary regeneration and soothing after sunbathing.soothes skin after sunbathingdeeply nourishes sun-wear skinrestores the protective barrier of the skincools skinMethod of use: After staying in the sun, apply in a thinned layer evenly on clean skin throughout the body. Leave to soak in,...

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    Amazing dry oil Florale for face, body and hair / For all skin types + FREE candle Prodigieux Florale 70g!A touch of sweet and romantic femininity is turning into the magic of the new Florale dry oil, which with its fresh and radiant scent carries the breath of spring and blooming flowers. With 7 precious vegetable oils, this multifunctional dry oil...

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    It instantly hydrates, soothes, nourishes and pleasantly cools the skin after waxing, shaving, sunbathing and in case of irritation.It contains concentrated organic aloe vera juice and ectoin - a powerful natural molecule isolated from extremophiles, with a proven effect in inflammation and irritation of the skin.For face and body, for all skin types. It...

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    It promotes darkening of the skin during sun exposure and ensures a long-lasting bronze tan.Protects skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiation (SPF 15), ensuring carefree sun enjoyment.Selected UV filters are safe and effective in protecting the skin. They provide a magical bronze tan with a carefree stay in the sun.

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    Restores, soothes & hydrates depleted & irritated skin after sun exposureQuickly recovers the skin, helping to keep her tan tanned for longer. Organic olive and avocado oils nourish the skin and help it retain moisture.A pleasant cooling sensation of peppermint refreshes after staying in the sun.The cozy texture allows easy smuding and instant...

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    After-sun lotion for a longer tan, Tan Prolonging After Sun Lotion.Deeply hydrates & soothes skinORGANIC COCONUT OIL known for its nutritional properties.ORGANIC GRAPE WATER, moisturizing and rich in antioxidants that eliminates free radicals, increases the degree of skin hydration and reduces skin sensitivity.ORGANIC ALOE VERA, known for its healing...

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    Shea butter is recommended for the skin during and after sunbathing, it is ideal for dry and sensitive skin, for the prevention of stretch marks and ragadas, for softening scars, and for the prevention and reduction of visible wrinkles. It can also be used as a puckung / hair mask. 100% pure, natural butters. No preservatives. It is also called "African...

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    It acts as an excellent emolier because it softens and nourishes dry skin. It is especially recommended in the prevention, formation of stretch marks, improving the elasticity of the skin. It is great for skin care after sun exposure, and in preventing premature skin aging (especially skin photoshooting). Cocoa butter melts (melts) at the temperature of...

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    Combusten spray quickly and effectively eliminates the symptoms of irritated skin that becomes regenerated, nourished and hydrated and without unpleasant symptoms caused by a careless stay in the sun.Combusten spray contains a high proportion of pantenol in a unique combination with calcium hydroxide, which has a pronounced astringent effect and aloe vera...

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    SUNMED (SUNMED) After sun milk increases and prolongs the tan and gives the skin a velvety feel.It contains buriti oil, ideal for prolonging tans, gotu cola extract that acts antibacterial and stimulates collagen production, and mimosa extract and allantoin which have regenerative properties. The lightweight texture is easy to apply and absorbs quickly...

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    Soothes and regenerates skin irritated by excessive sun exposure, with a pleasant cooling sensation.The rich formulation intensely hydrates the skin and reduces redness. It contains fish oil, dexpantenol, aloe vera extract, lavender oil and vitamin E.for children and adults, pleasant scent an ecological preservative has been selected to ensure...

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    Instantly revitalizes skin that needs intensive care.With a refined smell, this dry oil is quickly absorbed without a greasy trace, so, except for the body, it is ideal for facial and hair care.

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    Chicken Porphyral HSP cream is an innovative cream that combines the active substances of moisturizing and replenishing effect. It is used for healing superficial wounds, healing of the skin after sunbathing, chemotherapy, chemical peels, after operations, care for fresh scars.The mechanism of action of Porphyral HSP - Porphyra umbilicalis - promotes the...

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Showing 1 - 15 of 52 items