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Intimacy and fertility
Quality pharmaceutical products to improve women's intimate health and fertility: Tests to fortification of fertile days, pregnancy tests, intimate health preparations, dietary supplements with myoinzitol..

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    Royal jelly is the secretion of special glands (hypopharyngeal and mandibular) bees. It is produced by young worker bees and is fed and raised by new queens in the hive. Royal jelly is collected during the May and June months. Royal jelly is recommended for allergies of all types of causative agents, thyroid disorders and general hormonal imbalance,...

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    ADVANCED FOLATE 400 μg - dietary supplement with VITAMIN B9 (folic acid), tablets.It contains folic acid which:plays a role in the cell division process and contributes to the growth of maternal tissue during pregnancy,contributes to the normal synthesis of amino acids and normal metabolism of homocysteine,contributes to the normal function of the immune...

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    Indication: Vaginal lubricant to help conceive.Usage: The gel is applied 5 minutes before sexual intercourse. It is used during the ovulation phase, especially on the most fertile days of the menstrual cycle (day 13-15).Mechanism of action:creates an optimal environment for sperm cells helps maintain a pH value that is suitable for natural conception...

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    Elenatal + Elebaby capsules PROMO packaging (20% savings)!Elenatal is a dietary supplement for use before conception and up to the 12th week of pregnancy. It contains folic acid and a biologically active form of calcium-L-methylfolate folate (Metafolin). Gynecologists advise women who want to become pregnant and women in the first three months of...

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    The first capsules for female pleasure in Croatia! G-Sense capsules are a completely natural dietary supplement.Ingredients in the recommended daily dose (=1 tablet): Medicinal Angelica Root Extract (Angelica archangelica) 150 mg, Nettle Leaf and Stem Extract (Leonurus cardiaca) 150 mg, Ginseng Root Extract (Panax Ginseng) 80mg, Sweet-Leaf Goat Root...

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    Vitamin mineral supplement with omega 3 for pregnant women, nursing women and women planning pregnancy.Dha intake contributes to the normal development of the brain and eye of the fetus and infants breast-fed with breast milk. Information for pregnant and women who are ate: a beneficial effect is achieved by intake of 200 mg of DHA per day with the...

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    INOFOLIC is a dietary supplement with myoinosistol and folic acid suitable for giving the necessary quantities of both substances in cases of reduced dietary intake or increased needs of the organism.1 bag of INOFOLIC contains 2000 mg of myo-inozitole and 200 μg of folic acid.It can be useful when the needs for both myoinositol and folic acid during...

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    ROIDAKAL is a dietary supplement with α lipoic acid, magnesium and vitamin B₆, it is recommended to take it with increased body needs for these ingredients.It is recommended in maintaining pregnancy.α-lipoic acid - establishes homeostasis of inflammatory processes, reduces the contractility of myometrics, strengthens fetal membranes and slows cervical...

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    To relieve symptoms caused by vaginal dryness.Vagisan Double Effect Moisturizer can help all women who cannot or do not want to apply estrogens locally: the skin in the vaginal area and the outer genital area provides moisture and lipids (fats) that act soothingly. Vagisan Moisturizer makes sensitive skin in the vaginal area pleasantly supple –...

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    The first reusable cup that can be used during sexual intercourse!This most comfortable and versatile menstrual cup is designed to perfectly adapt to the female body. It is special because of its flat-fit design and double edge against spills. Also, it is the only menstrual cup for reusable use that can also be used during intimate relationships.

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    Ideal menstrual cup for beginner!Lily Cup One offers beginners an easy transition into the world of menstrual cups. Small in size but high capacity, with a double anti-spill edge and a ring for easy removal, will make it as easy as possible to adjust to menstrual cups.Foldable – stored in a discreet box Double edge against spills – for...

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    Dietary supplement during breastfeeding and after childbirth!Elemama is a dietary supplement for use during breastfeeding and after childbirth. It contains carefully selected vitamins, minerals, lutein and omega-3 fatty acids (DHA) that support the nutritional intake of these substances during breastfeeding and after childbirth.When pregnancy and...

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    From the first day of pregnancy planning!Elenatal is a dietary supplement for use before conception and up to the 12th week of pregnancy. It contains folic acid and a biologically active form of calcium-L-methylfolate folate (Metafolin).The baby's vital organs begin to develop from the moment of conception. The process of ensuring optimal levels of...

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    100% natural, safe and innonoparable capsules to help maintain women's sexual healthHelp maintain sexual activity and energyHelp maintain good sexual relationsThey help maintain the vitality of the organismPOTENCA PLUS is a unique herbal formula that improves a woman's sex life and provides more pleasure in sexual intercourse.

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